Zamora will test in 2022 the possibility of installing ATMs in public buildings – CVBJ

12/09/2021 at 09:40 CET

Manuel Herrera

the Deputation of Zamora continues to think about the ideal formula to overcome financial exclusion in its territory. In a province where nearly 28% of citizens do not have a fixed place to access cash without traveling, the precision of the shot seems key to correcting a situation which accentuates the development problems of the regions. In this context, and after evaluating different options, everything indicates that the institution will bet on the alternative of automatic teller machines in municipal buildings, an idea that the government team had already slipped in late August.

The second vice-president of the Provincial Council, Jesus maria prada, confirmed that provincial officials have held several meetings in recent weeks to promote this path, and said the idea is to develop a pilot plan in 2022 to measure the usefulness and acceptance of ATMs in places such as city hall basements, doctor’s offices or libraries.

Prada clarified that the decision of the region where this test will be performed It has not yet been taken, although she stressed that it will be an area with serious problems of access to cash, which will better measure the impact of this news. resource.

To carry out this project, the establishment intends to take advantage of Correos initiative to bring ATMs to uninhabited areas “For a fairly comfortable price”. As Prada explained, the postal service entity would ease the process of hiring the financial terminal installation company and avoid headaches for the Provincial Council, which would be responsible for paying for the maintenance of ATMs in the municipalities of Zamorano concerned.

Thus, the municipalities would themselves be responsible for requesting this new financial service, Correos would act as the execution arm of the installation, hand in hand with the company in charge of the ATM, and the Provincial Council would use the route. grants. to finance a resource the cost of which could be close to 8,000 or 10,000 euros per year.

At the time, Prada He said he had in mind the installation of multi-bank ATMs. In other words, terminals so that citizens can withdraw money or update their passbook regardless of the financial institution with which they have their account. Of course, they would be required to pay a commission to carry out their operations, although Prada clarified that the cost would be “very minimal for users”. of service.

It remains to be seen what remains of this approach, because it will also be necessary to specify which municipalities will benefit from it. Prada said in August that it was impossible to reach the 509 population centers in the province. Therefore, the Deputation addressed creating a map to show which cities have a bank and which have lost it in recent years. The latter should be the main target of this initiative, even if the idea is to cover, in general, “the needs of intermediate populations”.

The bookmobile route, parked

While the alternative of municipal buildings is growing, that of bookmobiles is deflating. The Provincial Council had valued this possibility by verifying that Salamanca had modified some of these vehicles that passed through rural areas to provide them with a terminal that would also carry cash to cities.

However, the provincial institution found quite a few technical difficulties to undertake this project, with some pitfalls in finding companies willing to intervene in library buses. This circumstance leaves the idea in abeyance for the moment.

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