This Anne Hathaway Gucci Bag Is Trending and Everyone’s Carrying It

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As well as being highly sought after by celebrities on social media and in Hollywood, the Gucci Jackie bag also has a more understated and slightly slimmer sibling. This brand new bag was created with a modern look after being inspired by a classic vintage bag from 1971. Hollywood superstars like Elle Fanning, Anne Hathaway and Dakota Johnson have elevated the word “Blondie” with their glamorous statements. Let’s see how they managed to remove this bag:

Anne Hathaway

Being a huge Gucci lover, it was only a matter of time before Anne Hathaway started walking around town with the blondie bag, and we couldn’t be more in love with the way she did it. successful.

dakota johnson

Dakota Johnson got her first taste of “Blondie” thanks to Michele Love’s Parade Show. It was no surprise that Dakota wore this slender beauty superbly, considering her previous experience wearing Dionysus and Jackie.

Elle Fanning

At Cannes 2022, Elle Fanning pulled off a white maxi dress and brown blondie bag.

Is this Gucci bag worth it?

Gucci’s designs are simply sublime when their soft, curved lines meet their GG hardware. This new design, in particular, was influenced by a vintage bag from 1971. As a result, the sizes, colors and materials available in this collection vary. A messenger bag, which has a canvas strap or a leather strap, would be a top choice for someone trying to look casual, for example.

People going out to dinner also have the option of carrying a chain shoulder bag. As for sizes, the blondie bag also comes in a smaller version designed for those who only want to take the essentials with them when they leave the house. The fact that you can also use this bag as a clutch in your hand is its best feature.

The new Gucci Blondie bag is seen on the arm of all celebrities!

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