The most coveted products coming in 2022

Now the pod’s makers are set to release a home version, Somahome, with a more accessible price tag (current models start at around $20,000). This is the safe space we’ve all been waiting for.

High-tech television: The LG Signature R1 65-inch rollable OLED TV

The 65-inch LG Signature R1 Rollable OLED TV takes luxury to the next level.Credit:LG

A bit space-age and with a stylish Bond villain twist, the world’s first rollable TV has arrived in Australia, and it’s a truly covet-worthy gadget. The LG Signature Rollable OLED TV features an ultra-thin 65-inch screen that swings in and out of a state-of-the-art audio system at three different heights.

When the screen is tucked away, it fits into a swanky aluminum base stand housing a 100W 4.2-channel speaker, complete with Dolby Atmos sound.

It almost looks like magic, but it’s not an illusion; the screen truly rolls up like a wrapping paper tube, thanks to OLED’s self-illuminating pixel technology. If your interior design vibe is minimalist, a vanishing screen is definitely a plus, but you’ll have to pay top dollar for the privilege; the TV, now available for pre-order, has a price tag of $130,000. It is only available on custom order.

The latest eco-luxury trip: The Homestead, Nambiti, South Africa

The Homestead is the dream destination of any eco-conscious traveler.

The Homestead is the dream destination of any eco-conscious traveler.Credit:The farm

The world’s most notable new luxury destinations for 2022 are all about sustainability, and one of the most anticipated will open in March. The Homestead, an ultra-luxury resort in South Africa’s Nambiti Game Reserve, was created with deep respect for its surroundings, with original 19th-century buildings mixed with new additions made from local ironstone sustainable and ethical forest wood.

The Homestead’s exquisitely designed lodges, with their own rooftop gardens and pools, as well as its world-class spa and restaurant will run almost entirely on solar power. With bespoke game drives in fully electric vehicles, educational anti-poaching workshops and wildlife photography sessions, the resort aims for maximum positive impact as well as next-level luxury. Reservations will open in early 2022.

The ultimate home gym: Dior and Technogym collection

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The limited-edition collection from Dior and Technogym is one to covet.Credit:Technogym

When a cutting-edge Italian gym equipment brand and a luxury French fashion house come together, the result is quite possibly the sexiest home gym imaginable.

Technogym and Dior’s beautiful baby is a limited-edition luxury gym collection inspired by the high-end Dior Vibe sportswear line. Think clean lines, a snow-white palette, cutting-edge technology – all boldly adorned with the Christian Dior signature.

Connected treadmill, multifunctional weight bench, dumbbells and gym ball reflect the vision of Dior’s artistic director, Maria Grazia Chuiri. The collection will be released in January and pricing has yet to be announced.

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