The House Of Gucci scene that went too far

The element of “House of Gucci” that received the most negative reactions was Jared Leto’s eccentric performance as Paolo, so it makes sense that he also came up with the film’s most controversial and controversial scene. . It was Leto who thought that instead of Paolo burning the scarf his uncle Rodolfo (Jeremy Irons) made for Princess Grace Kelly, he should urinate on it instead (via Filmmaker).

But Leto’s “bizarre, grotesque and distracting cartoon character” doesn’t seem to add to the film’s trashy allure, but only slows it down further, according to the film. Chicago Sun-Times. Likewise, Redditor u / GruxKing wrote in a Reddit thread “House of Gucci” that the actor was “a total distraction and a departure from the tone and feel of the rest of the film.”

The way the “Suicide Squad” actor stood out from the rest of “House of Gucci” only got worse with his makeup. u / limiter noticed that instead of Leto, “[the producers] could have picked a better person for the job instead of spending all that money on his salary and prosthetics. ”Yet as a Twitter user @thewindsofwolvs pointed out, Leto still didn’t look like the real Paolo Gucci.

Others, like Adam Nayman of The ring, didn’t even know if Leto’s acting in the film was good or bad: “He deserves an Oscar or should be sent to The Hague.” Fortunately, “House of Gucci” is still in theaters for those who want to judge the character for themselves.

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