The Circle US: Michelle Rider blows up the trolls that harass Ava and Chanel

Circle US star Michelle Rider has nothing but love for sisters Ava and Chanel (Photo: Netflix)

Michelle Rider’s time on The Circle US didn’t quite go as planned, but she made it clear that she has no grudges against sisters Ava and Chanel Capra for cat-fishing like her on the hit Netflix series.

Season 3 kicked off some twists and turns after the sister received the boot, only for them to have a chance to assume Michelle’s identity and convince the other contestants that they were the real one. Michelle.

Suddenly, the battle between Orange Michelle and Blue Michelle rocked viewers as the duo managed to block the 53-year-old comedian from the circle.

Naturally, some fans took the situation to heart and quickly found the sisters on social media.

However, TikTok star Michelle condemned the trolling posts as she put it. ‘Ava and Chanel get really bad press for all of this. I know they got a lot of horrible messages and that’s not good.

“I love everyone who has supported me, but I absolutely do not tolerate harassment. I do not approve of these kinds of messages.

The Circle US: the duo of sisters Chanel and Ava Marie Capra

Chanel and Ava Marie Capra went Blue Michelle and blocked off the real Michelle in season 3 (Photo: Netflix)

She continued, “Actually, Ava and Chanel – and everyone in this cast – are really, really nice people. People have to remember that this is a show, this is entertainment. People are really pushing this. in the extreme… nothing should justify the choice to verbally assault or intimidate anyone.

The reality TV star added, “It wasn’t their fault. I was deep down so it was other people’s decisions with good, with theirs. We gave them a chance and they played a good one. match.

The comic then admitted that she was injured by the catfish twist at the time, simply because it was such a shock to have people pretending to be her.

“What bothered me more than anything was feeling so violated,” she explained. “The times when Ava and Chanel were raising my grandmother and kids, that’s what really touched me.

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“My reaction when I got blocked was genuine, because I was just completely upset that I felt like I didn’t even have the chance. I was not lucky.

Although her time on the show was short, the star made an impact with viewers flocking to social media to show their love for “Mama Michelle”.

Additionally, Michelle has managed to make the most of her time on the show by revealing spending her free time working on stand-up routines that she hopes to tour across the United States as soon as she sees it. will have the opportunity.

So will we see Michelle on reality TV again? The actress insisted that she would be eager to return to The Circle.

“Hopefully they will have another season where they bring players back.”, “I would definitely come back to the circle for a second round. So you can see me take my crown and walk away with $ 100,000.

The Circle US is available to stream on Netflix.

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