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Charlotte Casiraghi takes her role as Chanel brand ambassador to the next level. She’s willing to do just about anything for the legendary fashion house – even ride a horse on the runway. Her latest creative venture is featured in a unique music video for French singer-songwriter Sebastian Tellier, who wrote the song “Mademoiselle”, in honor of Coco Chanel.

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Tellier composed Chanel‘s fall-winter pre-season single, which is important to Casiraghi because she has her own capsule collection with the high-end brand. The nearly three-minute video puts the royal in a variety of unusual scenarios like line dancing, petting a larger-than-life corgi – and wait – riding a flying shark. This concept video is very abstract and borders on the absurd (no waiting – it leans right in the absurd) in a wild and goofy way – and we love that for Casiraghi.

As Princess Grace’s lookalike granddaughter, she was born to take on the role of brand ambassador. When her position was advertised for the French fashion house in late 2020, she gave the perfect Chanel quote. “It’s almost like I was born with Chanel,” she said in the official announcement video. “I think of the photos of my mother, when she was pregnant with me, beautiful photos of Karl [Lagerfeld] with her wearing Chanel. She ate, breathed and slept at Chanel during her most formative years, and it was no surprise when they created a couture gown for her 2019 wedding.

While the music video might be a bit too edgy for some, it honestly aligns with what Casiraghi thinks of the brand. Not only are they haute couture, but they are also family-friendly.

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