Super Bowl LVI: Joe Burrow’s drip with his pre-game outfit and Jordan 1 Dior

Aclose to what he wore before the superbowlyou can’t say Joe Terrier doesn’t have a drop to offer with such an outrageous outfit. We know how great athletes tend to show up with awesome fits for big games, but the superbowl is the greatest game of all. With all the attention it has recently received, Joe Terrier made the decision to wear some of the most expensive sneakers in the game right now. In addition, he decided to also accompany it with a gray and black striped suit that goes well with a large black hat. Terrier arrive at Sofia Stadium in style and ready to make history with the Cincinnati Bengals. Besides the already impressive costume, what stands out the most are the shoes.

Burrow wears a pair of $7,000 sneakers.

For those unaware of the sneaker game, Joe Burrow showed up at SoFi Stadium wearing a Air Jordan 1 Dior Low. There’s a version of the highs that’s gone $10,000 per pair on the resale market. But these are the lows, which means they are slightly cheaper than the highs. In fact, it will cost you approximately $7,000 if you want a pair for the toe. But these kinds of shoes are not really for ordinary people, they are usually bought by people like Jo who have no money problem. We mortals will have to settle for another type of Air Jordan 1 low pair. Initially, the Air Jordan 1 low had a sale price of $2,000 but it was limited to 4,700 pairs. The peaks were $2,200 retail and only 8,500 pairs have been done.

With this fashion statement, Joe Terrier channels its interior LeBron James or Russell Westbrook. Both Lakers players tend to show up to their games with outrageous cuts and impressive drops on their feet. Today was a perfect opportunity for Joe to make that statement. However, all this will be instantly forgotten as soon as the Super Bowl between the Cinicinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams play in just a few hours. Can Joe Terrier live up to the expectations placed around him or will he stick around as a Super Bowl finalist when all is said and done?

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