Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori shows off toned abs wearing Dior loungewear pictured with BF Michael B Jordan


Steve Havey’s daughter, Lori Harvey, continues her romantic getaway with her boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan. Check out the model’s captivating looks in the actor’s pretty photos on his Instagram Story.

Steve Harvey’s gorgeous daughter Lori Harvey continues to stoke social media with her romantic getaway with her handsome boyfriend, “Black Panther” actor Michael B. Jordan.

Model and entrepreneur Lori has been dating Michael since November 2020 but did not confirm their relationship until January 2021. Their burgeoning romance has caused a frenzy of thousands of fans.

Steve Harvey attends the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on December 20, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. | Photo: Getty Images

While they may have revealed their relationship in public, the “Creed” actor and Steve’s daughter are notoriously private about that. Lori was previously city in an interview:

“Therefore [we want to] give just enough, but keep the majority just for us. We are trying to find a balance. “

Lori explained that they would discuss the photos they want to share in public. If they have a wonderful opportunity to share with their supporters who support them, they gladly do so.

Recently, the 34-year-old idol shared new photos on his Instagram Story, which showed him with Lori enjoying a romantic night on a beach. Both showed off their stylish looks.

Michael looked dashing in a light blue suit and white sneakers while Lori gave off an air of elegance in a silky navy blue. Dior loungewear, which comes with a matching jacket and pants.

Lori, who wore a white top under her jacket, wrapped her left arm around Michael, who sparkled in a silver necklace. The 24-year-old’s angle of beauty also showcased her tight abs.

Lori Harvey puts her hand around Michael B. Jordan's hips.  |  Photo:

Lori Harvey puts her hand around Michael B. Jordan’s hips. | Photo:

Lighted candles shone behind the sweet couple. In the second photo, Michael lovingly planted a kiss on the side of Lori’s forehead. The young starlet received the gentle gesture with her eyes closed.

The evening got even more fun after Michael hugged his girlfriend. Lori smiled brightly as she stretched out her left arm, happily enjoying the moment with her beau.

The photos of Michael and Lori make it clear how much they are in love with each other. The beautiful couple looked equally enamored with each other in the photos of their previous one beach getaways.

Michael B. Jordan places a kiss on Lori Harvey's forehead.  |  Photo:

Michael B. Jordan places a kiss on Lori Harvey’s forehead. | Photo:

Along with the loving affections of the admirable couple, Michael’s iconic beard caught the attention of fans. Some have noticed that the dashing actor’s beard looked like to Steve’s facial hair.

Future was Lori’s last boyfriend, who she briefly dated until August 2020 before Michael.

Michael growing a mustache has led many speculative fans to think it could be because of the famous TV host’s recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show.

Michael B. Jordan carries Lori Harvey on his arms.  |  Photo:

Michael B. Jordan carries Lori Harvey on his arms. | Photo:

Jimmy joked to Steve that the “No remorse” actor was going to kick his mustache up a notch. Steve jokingly replied that he wanted to challenge him to a “blow of mustache”.

Although Steve made fun of himself and Michael’s beard match, the beloved father had a great relationship with his daughter’s boyfriend in real life.

In a previous interview with Ellen Degeneres, Steve joked that he had tried to find errors in Michael in the past. When the young star started dating Lori, he said he had an eye on her.

But, Steve realized that the actor of “Creed II” is a good man. The beloved father’s protective stance towards Lori may have something to do with his previous relationships.

Lori was previously engaged to football athlete Memphis Depay, but canceled her in 2018. She was also linked to singer-songwriter Trey Songz and acclaimed rappers Diddy and Future.

Future was Lori’s last boyfriend, who she briefly dated until August 2020 before Michael. The hip-hop star allegedly dissected her and Steve in the long version of her song “Maybach”.

Even though Future’s behavior seems bitter, Lori remains indifferent and takes the “high road.” She also added that she wouldn’t let negativity or rumors bother her.

She’s very serious about her relationship with Michael, and Steve is also confident about the couple’s bond. Seeing their closeness, the supportive father is optimistic his daughter is in good hands.

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