Spoilers for Days of Our Lives from September 26, 2022 to October 7, 2022

We have the last days of our lives spoilers from Monday, September 26 through Friday, October 7. Several familiar faces return to Salem, including Mike Horton, who could arrive just when a loved one needs him most. Elsewhere, Paulina is surprised, one pair surprises another in a compromising position, and Chanel is shocked at her girlfriend’s suggestion!

days of our lives Spoilers week of September 26:

days of our lives Spoilers for Monday, September 26:

Belle might want to brace herself for the bombshell EJ is about to throw at her!

Apparently stopping the weddings is Chloe’s “thing” now. This time, she hopes to prevent her mother Nancy from saying “yes” to Clyde. And she recruits Craig to help her!

Chad has had revenge on his mind ever since Abigail was murdered. Today he is bloodthirsty!

days of our lives Spoilers for Tuesday, September 27:

The truth is finally revealed as Chad learns exactly what happened at the DiMera mansion the night of his wife’s murder. Realizing how bad things are going to get, Belle and EJ launch a desperate search for the grieving husband.

If Jennifer thought she could keep her secret, she was definitely wrong. But how will Jack feel when it’s Gwen, of all people, who tells him what’s going on? Then again, maybe he should just focus on his wife, because she’s about to overflow!

days of our lives Spoilers for Wednesday, September 28:

When Chad gets in over his head, it’s EJ – yes, EJ! – to the rescue.

Rafe meets Gwen, who has been seriously injured. Shortly after, Alex is shocked when his ex is brought to the emergency room.

Here’s hoping the confession is really good for the soul, because Jennifer will finally open up to Jack and Julie.

days of our lives Spoilers for Thursday, September 29:

Marci Miller returns as Chad, having finally discovered the truth about her murder, bids farewell to the woman he loves.

Allie and Johnny may be twins, but that doesn’t mean they always (or even never) see things the same way. Today she tells her brother that he has definitely overstayed her welcome! Could his next move be determined by the offer he and Ava receive from EJ?

Gabi wanted nothing more than for Stefan to come back to her. But now that he has joined the living, his behavior has turned his dream into a nightmare!

days of our lives Spoilers for Friday, September 30:

When a DiMera needs help with an evil plan, he turns to Rolf. And that’s exactly what Kristen is doing today!

Something tells us a little green monster might be unleashed when Brady finds Stefan and Chloe together!

Rex could well save Kate’s life when he realizes his illness! Meanwhile, Stephanie is livid upon discovering that she has been kept in the dark about her mother’s condition!

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days of our lives spoilers week of october 3

days of our lives Monday, October 3 spoilers:

It’s been a while since it happened, but Jennifer is finally forced to face the facts as she faces a terrible realization.

days of our lives Spoilers for Tuesday, October 4:

It’s like the good old days when Dr. Mike Horton returns to Salem! Would he be back to help his sister Jennifer manage her life, which seems to be spiraling out of control?

days of our lives Spoilers for Wednesday, October 5:

Looks like the news John is about to give Rex is shoddy. How horrible has Marlena’s situation become?

days of our lives Thursday, October 6 spoilers:

Prepare for awkward exchanges after Rafe and Jada find Nicole in Eric in the kind of situation that can only be described as “compromising.” Should these four just buy everyone some time and swap partners now?

days of our lives Spoilers for Friday, October 7:

Paulina receives a surprise visit from Sloan.

Chanel and Allie have done a great job navigating incredibly tricky waters. (Heck, Chanel was involved with his girlfriend’s twin brother!) So what could be such an outrageous suggestion that Chanel rocks?

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