Southern California Academy is Dior Johnson’s 10th high school


2022 playmaker Dion Johnson’s five-star class is what you might call a high school basketball nomad.

The very talented commit from Oregon recently announced his intention to move to Southern California Academy in Los Angeles. Transfers are rife in high school basketball and no one knows this better than Johnson, as Southern California Academy is his 10th stop on the high school circuit.

It’s true. 10 different high schools in less than four years.

Johnson started in his native New York City in Saugerties, where he played for his varsity team as a college kid and scored 1,000 points before taking a high school class. Johnson enrolled at the National Central IMG Academy for his first year before returning to Saugerties, only to end up at Findlay Prep in Nevada at the end of the year.

Johnson’s next move was aided by the unexpected end of Findlay Prep’s basketball program. He landed in Phoenix to play for Hillcrest Prep, but turned the tide a few weeks later and made it to Fairfax – his first of many stops in California.

Johnson has never played a minute at Fairfax. Instead, he ended up at Mayfair in Lakewood, Calif., And dominated in his sophomore alongside five-star rookie Josh Christopher, who went on to play at Arizona State. Johnson transferred to Oak Hill Academy after his second season, but ended up in California at Centennial in Corona for his freshman year.

Johnson made an instant impact at Centennial, helping his team go 21-2 and win a state title. It was the only season Johnson would play at Centennial, as he eventually transferred to Prolific Prep before landing at Southern California Academy.

There’s still plenty of time in the school year and the basketball season is still in its infancy, so there’s always a chance Johnson will reach 11 high schools before he graduates. Regardless, his high school basketball journey is unlike any other rookie of his caliber.


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