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Gucci’s centenary is an iconic moment that brings together nostalgic appreciation of the rich heritage and the joy of a new beginning. It is therefore only fitting that this moment of celebration is catalyzed by the inspirational spirit of a unique mix of female role models, all of them very successful in their own right. They own their identity; fashion is purely a progression of that expression, which is why Gucci is their benchmark. Innovative, passionate, daring, and that’s where the overlap begins. Following our conversations with Roohi Jaikishan and Rana Ayyub, we now have Samyukta Nair.

A true link, Samyukta’s entrepreneurial journey has so far been a continuum of enviable stages, including two incredibly successful restaurants in London and a popular nightwear brand. Samyukta, who divides her time between Mumbai and London, takes pride in the fact that her businesses tap into different facets of her personality. Resorts, while Dandelion brings out its affinity for design. Samyukta tells us more about what keeps her on her guard:

Samyukta Nair
Full look and Gucci Horsebit 1955 shoulder bag, price on request, all by Gucci.

HER: Describe your personal style

Samyukta Nair (SN): I would define it as classic with a hint of whimsy. In my wardrobe you will find a mix of soft and bold colors, solids and prints, almost always paired with something dramatic. One of my most treasured possessions is a vintage aqua green Gucci crocodile skin bag that my grandfather bought for my grandmother as a gift. It came to me when I was thirteen and I still have it.

ELLE: You are at the head of companies which occupy various spaces. How did it happen?

NS: All of my businesses come from the same creative juice, they just take on different avatars over time. When I was younger, I had the opportunity to live between Mumbai and New York. Experience has taught me that the boundaries are as fluid as you want them to be, especially when it comes to work. I grew up with wonderful influences including my two parents with whom I had the privilege of working closely. Dandelion came about because I wanted to create something of my own. You can’t just stand as tall as your father’s shadow and that was a big turning point. Restaurants in London followed suit and I would never trade that trajectory as I tap into these strengths every day.

ELLE: What do you think is the key to being a successful businesswoman?

NS: My grandfather once said to me: “If you don’t stand up for something, you’re going to fall for everything. Defining these non-negotiable elements is really essential because they define everything. Entrepreneurship is heartbreaking every day. You will always have to go back to the drawing board and if you can remember the reason you started it will keep your feet on the ground.

Styling: Zoha Castellino, Photography: Rowben Lantion

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