Roaming SoHo with Stylish NYC Vacation Shoppers

I’m doing it now. I went to Chanel, I went to Louis Vuitton. I just got out of Bottega, everything was so beautiful there. I saw this new licorice purse; it’s pretty amazing.

Is it on your wishlist for the holidays?

Oh, my god, it’s now! My girlfriend is at Art Basel. She said to me, “Save money for art. But it could be art!

What did you buy today?

I got these wonderful sweatshirts from Eric Emanuel. Anything I can get from texture I’m dying for. It’s not terrycloth, almost like a curly.

I love your Chopova Lowena pants.

Thank you. I wear them with my Reeboks. I collaborated with Reebok on Reebok x Hair x Daniel Moon sneakers. They are available on now. They are in terry cloth with a gradient color. The sponge is nice because it doesn’t really wear out, and it’s so comfortable.

Reebok x Daniel Moon Trainers

Photographed by Landon Phillips


Did you say you just got back from the airport, that you went shopping right away?

Yes, I am from Argentina. My room is not ready, so I came to shop.

What did you buy?

I bought a Miu Miu bag, a pair of jeans, an iPhone case for my boyfriend, a Yankees hat and I bought a Kooples poncho.

Are any or all of these gifts right for you?

Especially for me, because tomorrow is my birthday!

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Miu Miu Matellassé denim shoulder bag

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The Kooples black fringed poncho

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