Recap of the days of our lives: Abe proposes to Paulina; Sarah attacks Nicole

At the station, Lani talks to Julie on Abigail’s phone. She swears to bring her killer to justice. After hanging up, she sees a bloody ray in front of her. He asks, “What about justice for the person who murdered your father?” Lani staggers and yells at him to leave her alone. Eli runs. Lani frantically tells him about seeing Ray, and panics that Abe finds out that Paulina took the blame for killing him.

At home, Chanel leaves a voicemail asking Justin to break her mother out of jail. As she fumes, the door opens to reveal a smiling Paulina. Chanel runs to her mother who is out on bail. Paulina asks her daughter about her love triangle “with a couple of crazy twins”. Chanel expresses her confusion, but wants to focus on her mother. In fact, she’s going to cook all her favorite meals for a welcome home party.

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At the Horton house, Abe offers Julie his condolences for Abigail. He then tells her that Paulina paid her bail. She thinks it’s wonderful that he was there for her and hopes that means what she thinks it means. He says he took her advice and told Paulina how he felt about her. Abe receives a call from Chanel inviting him to Paulina’s dinner.

Eli brings Lani into the interrogation room to reassure his wife that she is doing the right thing for their family. Besides, he doesn’t think Paulina will go to jail. Lani thinks the only way to guarantee that is for her to confess. He reminds her of all the reasons why it’s a bad idea. He receives a call from Chanel, who invites them to Paulina’s dinner. Eli says Lani isn’t feeling well and needs a quiet night at home with the kids. Lani fumes, stating that they are leaving. Eli doesn’t think she’s up for it, but Lani spits that he’s just worried she’ll break down and tell everyone the truth. Of course he is worried. He reminds her again that it’s best to keep quiet for the children. Lani agrees and asks for a minute alone before going home.

After he leaves, a tearful Lani collects herself and then has another vision of Ray. He says the truth must come out. The only question is when?

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On Paulina's couch, Abe hands Paulina a diamond ring

When Abe arrives at Paulina’s, Chanel leaves them alone. Abe pulls out a ring box and asks her to marry him – for sure this time. “To hell with yes,” she replies. When Chanel returns, Paulina shows her the ring and they decide Juneteenth is the perfect day to get married, which is tomorrow. Chanel joins them on the couch in a group hug.

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On her sofa, Paulina leans over Abe, while extending her hand to Chanel for admiration

Xander returns to his room at Salem Inn with Sarah’s prescription. He worries about her hallucinations and urges her not to hide this kind of thing from him anymore. She promises then tells him that she went to see Gwen in jail. It was very satisfying to see her behind bars where she can never hurt anyone again. She also liked to tell him that they were back together. Xander is grateful and notes that they have a lot of lost time to make up for. Sarah retorts that he hasn’t run out of time since he had a fiancee and a woman. His mouth drops. “You can’t really be jealous of Chanel Dupree,” he exclaims, while explaining the circumstances. They get naughty and then Sarah suggests they grab some food so she can take her medicine to avoid the hallucinations.

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In their room at the Salem Inn, Alex and Sarah stand, hugging each other

In the square, Eric overhears Nicole talking to Rafe about the annulment of the wedding. After hanging up, she explains that they are only rescheduling because of Abigail’s death. She becomes emotional at the thought of Thomas and Charlotte growing up without a mother. Eric kisses her.

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In Horton Square, Eric and Nicole kiss

Sarah stomps and pulls Nicole’s arm. “Get off him, you accomplice bitch,” she shouts. Xander pulls him away from Nicole, while Sarah yells that she won’t let her ruin Eric’s life anymore. He calms Sarah down by assuring her that it’s Nicole, not Kristen. Sarah apologizes after Alex explains her hallucinations to a gaping Nicole and Eric. Xander assures Sarah it’s not her fault. She knows. It’s up to Gwen. Xander suggests that it’s also Abigail’s fault. Eric and Nicole realize they don’t know about her murder and let them know. Sarah grabs her head and cries. They express their anguish and leave to find something to eat for Sarah.

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In Horton Square, Sarah grabs Nicole's arm.  Xander and Eric drive the women away.

Before Eric leaves to check on the Deveraux, he tells Nicole that he hopes to get an invite when she and Rafe decide on a wedding date. He wants nothing more than to see her happy. She watches him walk away wistfully.

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In the prison visitor’s room, Ava asks Gwen if she killed Abigail. Gwen reminds her that she was locked up when it happened, but Ava recounts how Gwen called her to get her out of jail for just a few hours. And, “like an idiot,” Ava agreed. She thought Gwen just wanted a break, but now it’s obvious she was planning to commit murder – and now she’s an accomplice. Gwen tells Ava that she’s getting upset over nothing. Ava warns Gwen not to call her for more favors and leaves.

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