Prada extends VIP event in Tokyo and plans Art Basel Miami 2022

Sure, Prada is one of the biggest luxury brands in the world, but its dedicated fans don’t just buy Prada; they belong to the large Prada family. That’s why the Milan-based label hosts Prada Mode, an exclusive club for globetrotters, and Prada Extends, a series of VIP-only live events, bringing together the international Prada community across the globe.

Held for the first time in London in November 2021, Prada extends took Tokyo on the night of July 21, inviting the city’s most stylish ambassadors and a host of Prada ambassadors to discover The Sound Of Prada, the latest of its sensory experiences that started in 2019.

Musician Richie “Plastikman” Hawtin hosted Prada Extends Tokyo 2022, which is a more complex decision than it seems.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it follows that you’d hire one of the world’s most in-demand DJs (who just happens to be the go-to guy for Prada runway soundtracks) to direct a Prada focused on event music but Hawtin is a particularly standout selection for Prada Extends Tokyo.

Not only is Hawtin a veteran of the touring circuit, with plenty of experience in and around Japan, but he is also a certified sommelier of sake, Japanese rice wine, and even holds the honor of being a sake samurai, a role bestowed by council. representing the British organization of Japanese sake brewers.

On July 21, Hawkins conducted a conversation with Naohiro Ukawa, the mind behind Japanese live-streaming service Dommune.

Dommune hosts a variety of events, broadcasting everything from sets by electronic musicians to podcasts. Appropriately, he also hosted the Prada Extends livestream.

“Prada Extends was created out of a desire by Prada and I to unite different creative cultures using design and aesthetics as a focus,” Hawtin explained.

“The Prada Extends series builds on the dialogue I had with Miuccia and Raf while composing soundtracks for Prada shows during the pandemic and continues to explore a strong symbiotic relationship between fashion and electronic music. “

Things really kicked off after the talk ended, as a variety of Hawtin-handpicked performers took the stage before his own set.

Hawtin was preceded by Tokyo-based Korean artist machina, Osaka-based musician Yuri Urano, and Korean producer Lionclad.

Each was paired with a different visual artist who generated unique visuals based on each set, played on the digital screen behind the performer and across the event space.

Prada Extends stays on the move.

With Tokyo in the bag, the event heading to Art Basel 2022 in Miami Beach, Highsnobiety can exclusively reveal it.

Note that Prada Extends are not part of the Art Basel festivities, but rather supplement the world-renowned art exhibition with an opportune moment of conversation and club beats, Hawtin’s specialty.

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