Prada and Hugo Boss have NFTs. But how do Solana, Polygon, and Budblockz do things differently?

Hugo Boss and Prada have launched their latest NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Italian luxury fashion house Prada has also announced its presence on the Discord channel. Prada’s NFT collection was named Timecapsule. In addition, he announced the launch of “Prada Crypted”, a new community server on Discord accessible to everyone.

The Hugo Boss NFT Collection features 3D characters designed to raise awareness of mental health. This drop has led to a partnership with Imaginary Ones, a Singapore-based NFT collection which is the next step in its Web3 strategy for Hugo. The collection is made up of 1001 NFTs and is titled Embrace Your Emotions and is due out in early November. Five characters represent emotions, and the sixth brings the rest together. NFT holders will have access to merchandise, future token drops, and experiences.

However, Solana, Polygon and BudBlockz do things quite differently. We will find out how.

1. BudBlockz

BudBlocks is an open source cryptocurrency that was created for a specific community. It is an NFT ecosystem and marketplace designed to appeal to cannabis enthusiasts. Moreover, being developed on the Ethereum blockchain allows it to use DEX and many other DeFi products.

The BLUNT is a versatile token. First, it is a virtual medium of exchange, allowing owners to buy and sell goods and services. It provides liquidity for ownership of the NFT fraction and market opportunities for farms and dispensaries. As a result, this will increase the community aspect since everyone has a stake in seeking to improve the cannabis industry.

BudBlockz is the first decentralized online e-commerce for cannabis enthusiasts around the world to access the global cannabis market more securely. Its marketplace establishes a fair and open environment for both experienced and new enthusiasts to access global markets with privacy and decentralization.

2. Solana

Solana is one of the most popular crypto tokens, which has been making the most of blockchain technology to offer decentralized solutions to the cryptocurrency world since 2007. It is often considered the Ethereum Killer because it offers transactions a lot faster than Ethereum. Solana has facilitated the development of dApps in the crypto space.

The Solana protocol was designed in a way to allow the creation of a decentralized application called dApp through the deployment of smart contracts on the blockchain. Thanks to its inexpensive and fast model, it is possible to verify the payments that have been sent to the Solana chain in just a few seconds.

3. Polygon

Polygon is another popular entry among popular blockchain platforms for developing new economies and digital assets. It is also known as the Matic Network and is the Internet of Blockchain for Ethereum. When you take a closer look, you will notice that it is focused on enabling a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.

One of the most notable strengths of Polygon is that the network offers interoperability with future and current ETH infrastructure. Polygon has been customized to ensure interoperability with new Layer 2 solutions. More importantly, the Matic network has the promising advantage of offering the fastest transaction speed. It is the only scaling solution that supports the Ethereum virtual machine. Crypto supports two types of chains: secure and standalone.


New platforms, such as BudBlockz and Polygon, are launched with a specific community in mind. This means that they can use available technology and meet user needs while developing a platform that they will enjoy. BudBlockz was created with a common goal which contributes to its growing popularity.

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