Power dressing: Hina Pervez Butt protests against inflation at Chanel?


PML-N’s Hina Pervez Butt on Tuesday posted a photo of herself protesting inflation in front of Parliament in what could have been easily described as a classic Chanel double-flap CC clasp in gold-tone and silver-tone metal with a bracelet in interlaced leather designed by Karl Lagerfeld iconic Handbag 2.55 beige.

Its price, according to Chanel’s website, is $ 7,800, which works out to around Rs 1,369,624. But before we all jump to conclusions, a perfectly respectable knockoff from China can be bought anywhere in Pakistan for as little as Rs 3,000. The prices vary. Sometimes these bags have appeared in second-hand bazaars online, and you can often buy second-hand or second-hand copies in Jumma bazaars across Pakistan for very little.

The problem is not that an elected parliamentarian wore nice clothes to go to work, but, as people pointed out, that was no way of saying that you were protesting against inflation.

Pakistan just raised the minimum wage to Rs25,000 but as we all know the hard working workers in our factories or companies are being exploited and there is little government control over whether the minimum wage is applied.

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