Peprah sports the expensive and expensive Dior top of R3K Air Jordan

Kwame Peprah posted an expensive outfit on Instagram that included a sought-after pair of Black Infrared Air Jordan IVs and a dazzling Dior top. Let’s discover the outfit…

What is the story?

Kwame Peprah looks sharp on and off the pitch and he proved it with his recent post, dripping in expensive streetwear pieces.

The Air Jordan IVs are originally worth $200 (over R3400) and the Dior top with an original print from the iconic French luxury brand.

Peprah’s Jordans

Peprah’s Air Jordan IV Black Infrared is a sneakerhead’s dream. The Tinker Hatfield design was originally released in 2019, but the original design came in 1991.

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From the original Nike Air logo to the icy outsole, Peprah’s Jordans are considered a classic in sneaker culture.

Michael Jordan first wore this pair during the 1991 NBA season.

Peprah in Dior

According to online retailer Lux Attire UK, the Dior top worn by Peprah costs over R1600.

The letters on the top also have the original Dior monogram print. You can see the same print on various bags and sneakers.

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