Olympic Winter Games Day 13 News, Scores and Live Updates

Julia Marino has said she pulled out of this week’s women’s big air final after the International Olympic Committee told her to hide a Prada logo on the bottom of her snowboard.

The 24-year-old American, who won a silver medal last week in slopestyle – on the same Prada board – is believed to have initially withdrawn due to an injury she suffered during a practice run . In a recent Instagram story, Marino said her tailbone injury was a factor, but was exacerbated by the fact that, under threat of disqualification, she was forced to use a red Sharpie pen to alter her plank.

“For those who don’t know, the base of the board is important to your speed and isn’t supposed to contain anything other than wax, having a marker and stuff on the bottom is against the lens,” wrote Marino, who shared an image of his board.

“I fell in the jump to see how the tailbone felt after taking a slam the other day in practice, and after my base was changed I had no speed for the jump and I didn’t ‘ve been unable to clear it many times,” she wrote. . “I just felt physically and mentally drained from this distraction and the slam I went through.

“I was super excited about what I had done on the hill, my main event, and decided not to risk further injury even though it didn’t seem like the IOC’s top priority.”

The US Olympic and Paralympic Committee sent a letter to the IOC claiming to no avail that covering the logo was ‘not a feasible option’ as it was ‘molded onto the board and modifying it would cause drag and interrupt the surface intended for sliding’ .

In a statement (via NBC), the IOC said Marino was “competing a snowboard with the brand of a company that is not primarily in sporting goods, contrary to Olympic advertising rules that protect the financing of the Olympic Movement”. The IOC added that it became aware of the logo after she competed in the slopestyle final, and that “along with the USOPC, a solution with minimal impact was sought, including the possibility of retaining the same equipment and to delete the mark”.

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