“Mr Flashy” flogs drugs on social media after Gucci Gang crackdown

Notorious Dublin mob boss ‘Mr Flashy’ has resorted to brazen drug flogging on a social media platform.

The bold move comes after a massive crackdown in recent weeks on Mr Flashy and his drug trafficking organization ‘Gucci Gang’ in west Dublin after the mob seat in Finglas was seized.

Dublin City Council, in conjunction with gardai, seized the gang’s headquarters on Ratoath Drive two weeks ago.

The property was regularly used for drug dealing and parties.

The seizure of the property by officials – which remains condemned – is experienced as a blow to the crowd who had settled there for several years.

The operation – by specialist cops – came in the wake of a number of feud-related incidents where Flashy’s gang went to war with a rival faction.

Now, in a bid to keep his drug empire running, Mr Flashy – who earned his nickname after flaunting his wealth on social media over the years – has posted an image of a bag of weed to his Instagram social media platform with mobile number.

The image showed a bag of weed – the unprocessed form of cannabis – with the caption: “The Good One” and a cell phone number to call.

The image was posted to his “Stories” on his own Instagram page where he has over 5,500 followers.

“It’s a pretty brazen move to advertise the gang’s drugs on social media with a phone number,” a source told The Star.

“But nothing about the operations of these gangs surprises anyone,” the source continued.

“With their headquarters now gone, they will resort to anything to keep selling their drugs and making money.”

The latest brazen move comes after two weeks of chaos in the north-west suburbs of Dublin after the theft of a designer watch sparked a series of tit-for-tat attacks before escalating into the brutal kidnapping of the boyfriend of Mr. Flashy in broad daylight two weeks ago today.

Ahead of his pal’s abduction on Wednesday February 9, a row broke out between the ‘Mr Flashy’ gang and a rival faction after thugs assaulted a close associate of the mobster and stole the high-end watch from him on a Dublin Bus.

The “Mr Flashy” gang then targeted an innocent teenager who has ties to the gang who was blamed for the bus incident.

Now reacting to Mr Flashy’s latest brazen attempts to keep his drugs empire going, Fine Gael TD Neale Richmond has called on Instagram to shut down accounts of such blatant criminality operating on their networks.

Deputy Richmond said: “Once again a social media company has been found wanting in terms of the use of their platform.

“Without delay, we need to see Instagram shut down these accounts and explain how they will truly address such egregious criminality operating on their networks,” he said.

“Social media companies have repeatedly been found to be insufficient in terms of addressing abuse on their platforms, this is another area that needs urgent action.

“Beyond social media businesses, we need to continue to invest in information and communications technology (ICT) and the human resources of our Gardai working in this area. Although funding has increased and success of the Gardai is obvious, there is still a lot to be done.”

In a statement, Meta, owner of the photo and video-sharing social networking service, said: “The buying and selling of illegal or prescription drugs is strictly against our rules and we are investigating accounts brought to our attention”.

The social networking service also said it uses a mix of technology and human review to remove this content as quickly as possible.

“We found over 97% of the drug sales content we removed between July and September before anyone reported it,” a spokesperson for Meta said.

“We are constantly working to improve detection, and we will continue to work with law enforcement and youth organizations to help support our community and prevent Instagram drug sales.”

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