Man sold fake Chanel, Mulberry and Louis Vuitton products



A “lone wolf” ran an internet business selling fake Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors products for over four years.

Suffolk Trading Standards agents had been investigating Bradley Lockey since 2017 on his internet and Facebook business Smith’s Labels, which had an annual turnover of around £ 400,000.

Appearing in Ipswich Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday 23 June, the 32-year-old admitted six counts of possession of property with a fake brand for sale.

Bradley Lockey admitted to selling fake goods, including a fake Mulberry handbag and three boxed belts.
– Credit: Suffolk Trading Standards

These included a fake Chanel handbag and four handbags, four fake Louis Vuitton pouches, a belt, hat and scarf, two pairs of fake Celine sunglasses and a fake Mulberry handbag and three belts, as well as 20 pairs of fake Michael Kors earrings and five bags and 12 fake MAC lipsticks.

Officers attended a storage unit in Pinbush Road, Lowestoft, in March 2019, where they phoned Lockey and asked him to introduce himself to show them the interior.

Lockey, formerly of Cleveland Road, Lowestoft, but now of Clockhouse Way, Braintree, told officers he was in Fuerteventura, despite phone evidence later showing he was in Lowestoft, with the storage unit burgled more late at night.

Prosecutor Laura Austin said they couldn’t prove Lockey was behind the heist, but added that his unit was the only one targeted.

She said: “He had been a suspect for some time and was extremely elusive with Trading Standards who made multiple efforts to talk to him, changing his number and moving multiple times.

“He did his best to give the authorities the wrong step.”

Bradley Lockey has admitted to selling fake products, including 12 fake MAC lipsticks.

Bradley Lockey has admitted to selling fake products, including 12 fake MAC lipsticks.
– Credit: Suffolk Trading Standards

Declan Gallagher, mitigating, however claimed Lockey was homeless and “slipped” into the business after suffering a herniated disc, which prevented him from returning to his old job in demolition.

He said: “He had no obligation to speak to Trading Standards when he said he was in Fuerteventura and has no fixed address. He is homeless.

“It started when he needed a blue tie for a wedding, and when she arrived from China she wore an Armani tag.

“He was very impressed and it became apparent that there were a lot of items available.”

Magistrates have requested that a report on all options be prepared by probation before sentencing Lockey, who was granted unconditional bail until he returned to court on July 14.


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