Lady Gaga’s “Gucci” hairdresser swears by these 12 products


Lady Gaga has long been known for her iconic and stunning fashion. From her sky-high heels to her glamorous dresses, there’s no doubt that the tour de force knows how to make its entrance.

More recently, the 35-year-old has amazed the masses with sleek and sophisticated looks. for the premiere of “House of Gucci”. After all, the Italian fashion house is “synonymous with wealth, style [and] power, ”as the Golden Globe nominee explains at the start of the film.

But it wasn’t just Gaga’s clothes that made a statement. Thanks to a smart stylist, her hair helped transform her into Patrizia Reggiani, who was convicted of hiring a hitman to kill her ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci.

The man behind Gaga’s “Gucci” mane is none other than a famous hairdresser and wig designer, Frédéric Aspiras, who collaborated with Gaga to help set the moods for the scenes and capture the authenticity of the character.

Aspiras told the Post that he has used 10 hero wigs, over 50 hairstyles, and created a 400-page book with hairstyle and makeup ideas to draw inspiration from.

But beyond months of research, Aspiras said he drew inspiration from his personal life.

“This movie is truly a love letter to my late mother,” Aspiras told The Post. “She was six months before the shoot and she was a professional hairdresser. All the hairstyles you see were done using techniques she taught me growing up. She is my true inspiration and the light that kept me going.

Aspiras showcased his favorite ‘House of Gucci’ hairstyles and how he achieved them with the 12 must-have hair products he swears by.

1. Young PatriziaThe gentle waves of

Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures Inc.

For this elegant look, Aspiras turned to their trusty Joico products. “I always have my Joico products with me at all times, I really can’t live without them,” he said. “They have such a wide range for any hairstyle and they are so reliable.”

Aspiras started with the Joico Colored Anti-Fade Shampoo and Conditioner to help maintain Gaga’s rich chocolate hair color.

As for style, he sprayed and napkin– blot the hair with K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Multi-Perfector, wet hair on rollers using JoiGel Medium Styling Gel and run a few ColorFul Glow Beyond Anti-Fade Serum through the hair to break the hard stripes of the rollers.

Then he opted for a boar bristle brush bring the hair to the side while creating a soft part and finish the look with JoiMist Firm Protective Finishing Spray.

2. The “father, son and house of Gucci” Spiral Perm

House of Gucci 'Father, Son and House of Gucci' Spiral Perm
Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures Inc.

“My favorite [look] must be the perm that Patrizia wears when she meets Paolo Gucci, and says the iconic line, “Father, Son and House of Gucci,” Aspiras said.

To create effortless curls, he first has to napkin– blended the hair without disturbing the natural pattern of the curls. Then he pieced together individual strands of curls while twirling them around his finger using the ColorFul Glow Beyond Anti-Fade Serum. Then he took the Foam JoiWhip Design and distribute it evenly over damp hair before adding a diffuser attachment on a hair dryer, drying over low heat. A hair picker was then used to open up the curls to create the iconic ’80s volume. To finish, Aspiras sprayed the Joico Flip Turn Volumizing Lacquer all over.

3. The burst of power of the 80s

House of Gucci Power 80's Blowout
Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures Inc.

For this powerful look, Aspiras performed Dream Blowout throughout dried hair. Then he distributed a few Power Whip Whipped Mousse on damp hair and styled with a hair dryer and one 1 inch round barrel brush to pull the hair up and away from the face.

Using a one inch curling iron and Joico Heat Hero Shiny Thermal Protector, Aspiras, who is a fan of GHD Hot Tools, added barrel curls while cut each loop until cool.

“I maintain my GHD iron and wide barrel curlerAdded Aspiras.

He finished off the look by applying Joico Rise Up Powder Spray directly at the roots and all over the hair to create volume and texture and brushed the hair using a ventilated flat brush and sprayed a little Joico Flip Turn Volumizing Lacquer all over.


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