Lady Gaga studied panthers for the role of Gucci’s killer

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Paris (AFP) – Lady Gaga has revealed that she has animal inspiration for her murderous turn as the abandoned ex-wife in the new movie “House of Gucci”.

Her portrayal of Patrizia Reggiani, who had fashion heir Maurizio Gucci (played by Adam Driver) assassinated in the 1990s, is already making buzz at the Oscars.

And at a press conference ahead of the film’s release later this month, the singer-turned-actress revealed that she has turned to the animal kingdom to help it describe every stage of Reggiani’s life. .

“Earlier in her life, I was a cat, like a house cat,” Lady Gaga told reporters.

“In the middle of the movie… I was a fox. So I studied how foxes hunt, and they’re actually quite playful when they hunt.

“And then I studied panthers for the end. I watched a lot of videos of how panthers hunt. And they’re kind of flirty… they kind of flirt and then they pounce.”

Early reviews have gushed over Lady Gaga’s performance, with many expecting another Oscar nomination to match her on-screen debut in “A Star is Born.”

Jared Leto, who underwent six hours of makeup every day to transform into bald, chubby playboy Paolo Gucci, is also getting a lot of attention.

“I really used (those six hours) as an opportunity to work on the character’s inner life,” Leto said.

“It was a great time to focus and meditate on the character.”

The film is directed by British director Ridley Scott, who has created some of the most iconic films of the past 40 years, including “Blade Runner”, “Alien”, “Gladiator” and “Thelma and Louise”.

But it was actually Scott’s wife who pushed for many years to get the movie made, according to Salma Hayek, who plays Reggiani’s mother.

“I’m just really good friends with Giannina Scott, so I’ve seen her fight for it for 20 years,” Hayek said at the press conference.

Hayek, Leto and Driver complete all-star cast for Ridley Scott Tolga Akmen AFP

“She wanted to tell the story of a woman who everyone sees only as a gold digger … but in fact, she really loved this man.”

‘Too hurt’

Lady Gaga agreed that there was more to the story than mere greed.

“She not only loved Maurizio, but she loved what he meant and the way he empowered her within the family business,” she said.

“And when that was taken from her… she reacted in a way that most women don’t – most women don’t have their husbands murdered.

“And yet I believe in this system, with this kind of systemic oppression, that it happened because she was just too hurt.”

This is the second film to hit theaters for Scott since the summer, after “The Last Duel,” also starring Driver alongside Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

Well received by critics, this film was a failure with the public.

The first reviews have sprung on Lady Gaga's performance

The first reviews have sprung on Lady Gaga’s performance Piero CRUCIATTI AFP

Early reactions to “House of Gucci” have also been mixed.

While everyone seemed mesmerized by Lady Gaga, some critics agreed with Brandon Katz of Observer magazine that the film was “overworked work.”

But many more have been swept away, with Variety’s Jazz Tangcay tweeting he was “delicious murderer” and Entertainment Weekly writer Joey Nolfi describing him as “a juicy caviar camp.”

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