Lady Gaga reveals the key moment she improvised in House of Gucci

Gucci House spoilers follow.

Although initial reactions to the film were mixed, it was clear that Lady Gaga stood out in the Ridley Scott-directed biopic. Gucci Housetelling the (true) story of the relationship between Maurizio and his wife Patrizia Gucci.

Gaga plays Patrizia, who is later framed and convicted for hiring a hitman to murder her husband.

All of this is shown in the film, depicting what led to this poignant moment for the fashion world. Gaga recently revealed that she improvised a key scene in the film, right after Maurizio’s death.


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Speaking at the BAFTA Awards Film Sessions with Lead Actress nominees, Gaga said: “There was one scene in the film that I was so grateful to Ridley for. [Scott] for – this series of moments that we shot, and it’s after the murder of Maurizio Gucci and I walk into the house, there’s paparazzi all outside, and I actually did a lot of memory work sensory that goes back to the deepest trauma of my life, in the car.

“As the car pulled up, I was doing this sensory memory work. They’re screaming ‘action’, I get out of the car. And I had made the decision not to take my daughter’s hand as I walked through the cameras, to go into the house where we lived together.”

Gaga explained that she wanted this improvised moment to show that Patrizia was “paralyzed” and would “enter without any sense of her motherhood at this time.”

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She expressed her gratitude to director Ridley Scott for allowing her to make some choices about her character, which she said “allowed me to make some complicated feminine choices.”

The singer recently revealed that she was hoping for a Director’s Cut of Gucci House to be released, as it would show a physical and sexual relationship between her character and Salma Hayek’s character as Pina the Psychic.

Gucci House is in cinemas now, and also available for pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray.

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