Lady Gaga loaded with carbohydrates to gain weight for “House of Gucci”

Time to carb-a-load!

In addition to taking nine months to perfect her Italian accent for the role of Patrizia Reggiani in the upcoming drama “House of Gucci”, Lady Gaga has also voluntarily gained weight.

The 12 Grammy winner, 35, purposely ate excessive amounts of pasta and bread to achieve a “more rounded figure” to play the disgraced Italian socialite.

In addition to stuffing her face with delicious carbs, Gaga practiced her accent, which according to the hollywood reporter, it was like learning a new genre of music.

“If I can sing rock and roll or jazz or country or pop music, I knew I could speak with a specific Northern Italian accent,” Oscar-winning actress said. Star Is Born “. “It’s how to use your voice, why, where, and with whom, and how to feel while you’re doing it. ”

Looks like the pop star is getting mad!
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Gaga remained in the character on and off screen throughout filming, surprising her own family members. “My mom and dad have met me as Patrizia a few times,” she confessed. “And they were laughing mostly because my family appreciates my love of art.”

But she added that intense engagement isn’t always a good thing.

“There’s a downside to getting into a role this way because it’s a fit for everyone around you. So you don’t talk to Stefani with an accent anymore. You’re talking to Patrizia Gucci, ”she said.

The pop star, born Stefani Germanotta, also dived deep into her own Italian ancestry to help her prepare for her role. “We had as much food as we could have on the table to celebrate the good fortune that came from hard work and elbow grease,” she added.

His grandparents came from Sicily and they had to quickly assimilate into the American way of life. For her role, she explained: “I worked a lot to dig into my ancestors and sort of reverse the car, reverse assimilation. How do I get out of Italian-American history and immerse myself in what it means to be an Italian woman? ”

“Part of what makes a good character is knowing what the character’s deep need is,” Gaga noted. “But you can’t understand what your character’s deep need is unless you understand your own. My deep need has always been to make my father proud. For Patrizia, I think it was to make her mother proud. to be important to a man, a man like Maurizio.

Maurizio Gucci was Patrizia’s husband, whom she plotted to kill in 1995. Adam Driver, 37, plays the boss of the Gucci brand in the film directed by Ridley Scott.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga stars in the ensemble drama alongside Jared Leto (pictured with her, top right), Jeremy Irons, Salma Hayek and Adam Driver.
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“House of Gucci” hits theaters on November 24.

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