Khama Billiat’s Top Three Luxury Fashion Pieces

In honor of Khama Billiat’s birthday, an overview of the most beautiful luxury pieces in his dressing room.

Let’s take a look at the drip!

What is the story?

Amakhosi’s birthday boy, Khama Billiat likes to flex his high-end streetwear drip on Instagram.

He blessed his Instagram followers by posting items from Balenciaga, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, among others.

Here’s a look at her top three luxury fashion pieces:

Billiat in LV

A trusted Khama Billiat accessory is his LV Travel Pouch, worth 750 euros (R12,771).

This pouch is perfect for carrying essentials like your wallet, ID card, phone and other small items. It can also be used as a toiletry bag…

The expensive black and gray eclipse monogram clutch is a favorite of Billiat, who has been photographed with it several times on Instagram.

Scroll through the gallery for a closer look at the drip

Balenciaga by Billiat

Undoubtedly a star of Billiat’s sneaker collection, The Glamor Boy has an eye-catching pair of neon green Balenciaga Triple S sneakers.

Plush kicks are expensive! they cost almost R15,000 according to

The eccentric kicks are popular with sneakerheads and Balenciaga’s journey into streetwear.

The chunky soles give Billiat maximum comfort off the court and match his gaudy sense of style.

The Gucci Gang

Perhaps the most legendary luxury piece in Billiat’s wardrobe is his Gucci Dapper Dan hoodie.

The iconic Dapper Dan collaborated with Gucci in 2018 to deliver a fun Harlem-inspired collection that included Billiat’s slightly oversized hoodie.

When it was released, the hoodie was priced at $1,500 (over R25,000), on the resale platform the rare hoodie costs (Over 28,000).

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Top 3 Luxury Fashion Pieces from Mhango

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