Keep it Gucci: Detroit is home to the new Gucci store downtown

You know their name and probably have at least a few of their luxury items in your house or on your person.

Gucci, the well-known brand that dates back to the early 1900s, recently announced the opening of its new store located on Library Street in downtown Detroit.

The boutique spans over 3,500 square feet and features an extensive collection of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and accessories, jewelry, watches and Gucci home decor.

Gucci has found a natural alignment with the city and its ubiquitous culture, identifying Detroit as a target city for the Gucci North Americas Changemakers program in 2019. In addition to pushing for stronger representation in the fashion industry through relationship with
A Detroit-based nonprofit supporting students at institutions like Cass Tech High School, Gucci has also elevated and amplified the city’s incredible creativity: Commissioning a film — Jenn Nkiru’s Black to Techno (2019) — a film that celebrated Techno
as a local Detroit art form; and the launch of a capsule collection alongside Tommey Walker, the visionary behind Detroit Vs. Everyone. Building on its multi-year connection to the city, Gucci is thrilled to be one of the first global luxury brands to open in downtown Detroit.

The new Detroit location combines the historic architecture of Library Street with the spirit of the luxury house of Gucci. The shop features restored glass tiles and geometric ironwork on the facade that is found throughout the interior. The custom-patterned monochromatic floors mirror the geometric panels of the facade, producing decorative three-dimensional effects, blending seamlessly into the shape of the cylindrical fixtures. The result is a space that attracts, surprises and feels personal to Gucci.

As part of Gucci’s commitment to implementing and improving eco-friendly initiatives and energy-efficient technologies in the House’s stores around the world, the new store is LEED certified and features lighting LEDs to monitor and promote energy efficiency.

To honor Gucci’s new permanent home in the city, Gucci Changemakers commissioned critically acclaimed poet and Detroit native, Jessica Care Moore, to write an original poem reflecting Gucci’s mission in the city of Detroit. A stanza will be painted by hand on the
facade of the Siren Hotel for the enjoyment of the community.

The spirit of a fashionable city is felt

As soon as she enters.
The spark lives inside the patterned faces
of his community.

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