Kaguya By Gucci reinvents the history of the bamboo cutter

Taketori Monogatari or The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter is a fictional prose tale containing elements of Japanese folklore.

It is considered the earliest surviving work in monogatari form with such seriousness that it went on to shape contemporary culture through the 2013 Studio Ghibli film. The Tale of Princess Kaguya and today, Kaguya by Gucci.

Although its exact date of composition is unknown, the tale has been identified as proto-science fiction – Alessandro Michele of Gucci, a protege of Tom Ford, propelled the revered house into the fashion stratosphere with his skillful adoption socio-cultural influences.

Just as Aria was a tribute to Gucci‘s 100th anniversary and a collage of everything that has been part of the brand’s DNA, from references to the Savoy Hotel in London where founder Guccio Gucci worked in the 1920s to the era of Tom Ford in the 2000s, Kaguya by Gucci is an amalgamation of the ideas and concepts explored by the unknown author in the late 9th or early 10the century, essentially reinterpreted and organized by Michele.

Fashion And Art

Echoing the Japanese tradition of transforming bamboo into various tools, which dates back to antiquity, the fantastic story of Taketori Monogatari opens with an old bamboo cutter who enters the bamboo forest and finds a glowing bamboo plant with a princess named Kaguya sitting inside.

Her beauty continues to attract many suitors, including the Emperor. As an alien raised by a human on Earth, Kaguya is eventually brought back to the Moon by her real alien family. Its history also has similarities to a pre-modern history Superman origin story. Likewise, Kaguya by Gucci sheds new light on the “super icon” that Gucci’s bamboo top-handle bags have become while incorporating Michele’s eclectic aesthetic into the classic and modern Japanese landscape.

Directed by Makoto Nagahisa, the 2022 version is staged in Tokyo and is set to an original song composed by Keiichiro Shibuya. Dressed in pieces from the Gucci Love Parade collection, the characters come to rediscover true love and oneself. Hikari Mitsushima plays Princess Kaguya, Aoi Yamada the bamboo cutter, and Eita Nagayama the emperor who falls in love with the princess, this time amid the lights and bustle of Tokyo.

Released on August 10, Kaguya by Gucci is available on Gucci.com, the official Gucci YouTube channel and the official Gucci SNS account. On the occasion of the release of the short film, a Gucci Bamboo pop-up store (in Tokyo until September 20) will present the Gucci Bamboo 1947 and Gucci Diana handbags, the two Beloved lines with bamboo handles, as well as other small leather goods. enriched with bamboo accents. In the central hall, an installation related to Kaguya by Gucci will invite visitors into the universe of the last history of the House.

(Images: Gucci)

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