Joanne McNally on Vogue Williams, Prada Peter and her “tribal fans”

The comedian and podcaster was appearing on the Late Late Show tonight after a run of some 60 gigs at Vicar St, with more on the way.

Appearing in an all-silver sequined outfit from H&M, Joanne said there’s a “hen party vibe” to her shows and she knows fans are “out” when they come to see her.

“They’re out until five o’clock,” she said to laughter from the audience. “And I used to do the same thing, but I realized it wasn’t sustainable.”

Speaking of his success My therapist ghosted me podcast, which she hosts with Vogue Williams, the comic said the couple were “really lucky.”

“We didn’t work hard. I’m not going to lie. It wasn’t like we were sitting there strategizing.

“We were just lucky with the dynamics and we have really good chemistry.”

“The audience you can grow with a podcast is insane. We’re doing 3Arena now. Of course, I would never be able to do this on my own!”

Joanne McNally and Vogue Williams

“Vogue is a stand-up comic now, I’m absolutely pissed about that!”

The Dublin comedian also opened up about her relationship with her boyfriend, nicknamed Prada Peter, who she says is “very different” from her.

“It’s tidy,” she said. “I’m quite chaotic, I’m not very domestic, I’m quite wild.”

“I’m just not inclined to that.”

Her house is like “a show house,” she said, “I’m looking at that Jeffrey Dahmer thing, that’s him!”

“I accuse him of having OCD, he accuses me of having ADHD.”

The Dublin native said she was late to the comedy world, having turned 33 before performing for the first time. While she initially wanted to be an actress, she said her mother feared she was “starving under a bridge”.

“When I went into comedy, which I stumbled into by accident, she was really embarrassed.”

Joanne McNally performing live at the Marquee Photo: Ray Keogh
Joanne McNally performing live at the Marquee Photo: Ray Keogh

“I think she saw it as clowning around. She wished I had a job.”

The 39-year-old said that before entering the comedy circuit, she was “floating around” with no idea what she wanted to do and spent seven years taking a three-year arts course.

“I lived in my mother’s house until I was 35,” she said.

“It just happened by accident and I realized I really liked it.”

When asked if her mother thinks she has a “real job” now, Joanne said “no”, but doing things like The Late Late Show helps.

“That gives him kudos.”

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