Jayda Cheaves Says She Knew Lil Baby Drops A Bag On Saweetie At Chanel


Jayda Cheaves reveals that she had inside information that Lil Baby and Saweetie were dating and that the rumors that the two rappers were out shopping were true because Lil Baby told her.

Social media went into a frenzy last month after rumors surfaced that Lil Baby spent $ 100,000 on Saweetie when he took her shopping at Chanel.

However, while the rumors were not confirmed by Saweetie and Lil Baby claims he is single, Jayda Cheaves, who shares a child with the rapper, says she already knew and that was the reason for which she had liked a post on a report of their dating.

In response to a question about whether she was sleazy on Instagram, she admitted that social media always goes into a frenzy whenever she likes something. She added that she wanted to stir the pot when she decided to like the dating rumor story.

“Sometimes I just like to put the internet into a frenzy. I really liked it because I knew this story before the day it happened, I knew it.

Jayda Cheaves said she was happy to hear about developments between the rappers rather than being blinded by the reports.

She, however, didn’t seem too happy that her baby daddy was taking Saweetie to Chanel‘s of all the places, somewhere she frequents.

Like I said to Baby, ‘How are you going to do that to Mrs. Chanel herself, like, don’t you think I would find out?’ I spend the bank at Chanel on the weekly. That’s what I do. Go now.

Jayda confirmed that she was aware of the two encounters and that she had known it before the reporting.

Jayda Cheaves added, however, that she didn’t care what he was doing but always had a way to find things out, especially if it affected her in any way, and she would always call. Lil Baby if she heard anything.


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