Jared Leto compares Accent, the founder of WeWork, to the house of Gucci

Few would compare the accents between buffoon Paolo Gucci in “House of Gucci” and enthusiastic WeWork founder Adam Neumann, except perhaps for the Oscar-winning actor filling both on-screen roles.

While discussing his portrayal of Israeli billionaire Neumann in the upcoming Apple TV+ limited series “WeCrashed” during a TCA panel, Jared Leto revealed how his remarkable (and up for grabs) turn in “House of Gucci” went down. straight into his performance as Neumann, drawing similarities between the two unique accents.

“I literally went from Italy to New York, just coming from ‘House of Gucci‘ where I was performing in Italian, and I didn’t realize they actually had a lot of similarities, both accents,” Leto said. “With Adam’s accent, I wasn’t really doing an Israeli accent, I was doing Adam’s accent. An accent is just a series of mistakes. You learn to say a word and maybe you don’t say it “correctly”, whatever that means, but it’s just a series of habits. It’s the way your mouth creates shapes. Everyone learns theirs differently.

Asked specifically how he avoided turning his portrayal of Neumann into a caricature given the controversial WeWork founder’s singular speaking style, Leto said he surrounded himself with other Israelis during production. “I think the insurance against caricature is probably to dive into as much truth as possible, right?” said Leto. “And in this case, I had a large team of Israelis around me who I worked with. We kind of had our own bubble during that time where we were all in a bubble, so that voice and that accent was around me all the time.

Leto also had something he didn’t have on “House of Gucci”: a large amount of Neumann recordings and footage. “The good thing about Adam is there was a lot of material there, so he had hours and hours and hours of footage,” Leto said. “[It was] a bit the opposite with Paolo Gucci, I had about a minute and a half of his voice in an interview. So in this case, it was a blessing, it was beautiful just to be buried in the interviews.

Leto stars in the series alongside Anne Hathaway, who plays Neumann’s wife, Rebekah. Together they created one of the most valuable start-ups in the world, but as soon as WeWork rose, it began to fall.

“WeCrashed” premieres on Apple TV+ on March 18.


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