Ice-T’s youngest daughter Chanel shows off long hair and dimples posing in a bird-print dress in the pool


Ice T and Coco Austin’s baby girl Chanel left her Instagram followers beaming with joy as a snapshot of the cute kid was shared on her official Instagram page.

One of the most admired couples is American rapper Ice T and his decade-old beautiful wife Coco Austin. Their constant display of love for one another and the relationships between family members have gained attention over the years.

Former reality TV stars adore the parents of five-year-old daughter Chanel. After spending so many years in the limelight, the charming duo decided to add their adorable daughter to the mix.

A photo of Ice T and her daughter Chanel | Photo:

Time and time again, photos of the little girl have been splashed on social media, especially her official Instagram page, which is managed by her parents. Recently a cute snapshot captured adorable Chanel in a bird print dress.

The toddler flaunted his long brown hair and bowed his neck. She gave a lovely smile that showed her dimples as she held up her cute dress, posing inside a swimming pool. The message received a caption that read:

“Summer atmosphere.”

Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin pictured August 13, 2019 |  Photo: Getty Images

Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin pictured August 13, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images

Ice T and Coco welcomed her mini-me in 2015, after waiting seventeen years. In a to discuss with E! News, the premiere explained why she decided to wait so long to get pregnant.

The beautiful model explained that 35 is the magical age when things get exciting in the baby department. Coco shared an arrangement with her husband and stayed with contraceptives for seventeen years.

Coco came under heavy criticism after making it known that she had no plans to stop breastfeeding Chanel.

Two months after Coco stopped taking the pills she got pregnant and nine months later she and Ice T celebrated the arrival of Chanel. The little lady is a carbon copy of her father, and the striking resemblance between the two has been spotted in the photos.

Once, a photo of Coco holding her daughter at a concert for Ice-T’s band “Body Count” was share on Chanel’s Twitter page. After uploading the image, Twitter users pointed out that the youngster was his father’s twin.

Ice T is also the father of two other children and has proven how supportive he can be, not only with his children but also with his wife. Last month, Coco came under heavy criticism after announcing that she had no plans to stop breastfeeding Chanel.

According to the mother-of-one, breastfeeding was a moment of bonding between a mother and her child, and she would not take this opportunity away from Chanel. Later Ice T took to his Twitter page in defense of his wife.

He shared a photo of his wife holding their daughter, and in the caption, he noted that Chanel was being fed regular food. However, she loved to suck on her mother’s breasts very often, just like him. The tweet drew several reactions from fans who dropped negative comments.

The proud dad was also spotted in the comments section to silence negative discussions about his family. In response to one user, Ice T questioned the Respondent’s concern about Chanel and called it strange.

Coco a made It’s clear that her husband supports her decision, and she will continue to savor every moment with Chanel until the child says otherwise.

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