I got an Amazon dupe for only $18 that looks like Gucci tights, which sell for $450

WHO doesn’t love a bit of luxury for less – especially when the savings are huge.

A TikToker shared an Amazon dupe for a pair of Gucci tights priced at $450 – but she only paid $18 for two pairs – the similarity is remarkable.


TikToker and influencer Rachel Spencer shared how she landed two pairs of Gucci dupe GG tights on Amazon for just $18Credit: TikTok/rachelspeed
The original $450 retail on Gucci's website


The original $450 retail on Gucci‘s website1 credit

Rachel Spencer is an influencer with over 50,000 followers.

She posted a TikTok sharing a purchase she made that has to be seen to be believed.

In her post, she is wearing a pair of tights that are a copy of a pair of Gucci tights that normally sell for around $450.

“I received these fake Amazon Gucci tights in the mail,” she said.

By the numbers

Rachel revealed that she only paid $18 for a dupe two-pack.

She could have bought 25 packs or 50 pairs of fake pantyhose for the price of an original pair. That is to say a new pair to wear practically every week of the year!

The Sun found the same black and white GG tights on Amazon currently selling for $19, but there were also some available for as little as $14.

She then showed that the pantyhose were long enough to fit under her arms.

She wondered if she had, in fact, scored a two-for-one deal – and possibly being able to wear the pantyhose as a full body suit.

Rachel tried a few different looks in her post.

The influencer received over 23,000 likes on her post and over 100 comments.

what people say

Some were interested in marking dupes for themselves. “What are they called on Amazon,” one person asked.

Another said: ‘Genuine pair is exactly the same, mine can fit my whole body.’

Yet another said, “you definitely got a two-for-one deal!”

Dupes were so good that one follower said, “I thought they were the real Gucci.”

Gucci has tights that are available at just under the $450 price tag, but not much less.

These jacquard-knit printed tights are $380 on Net-a-porter.

Resale sites like Poshmark sell the same pair for around $35 if you want to try and nab an original pair for less.

Of course, if you’re using a resale site, do your homework and do your due diligence to make sure what you’re buying is the real deal.

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