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Whether you’re installing a brand new driveway, replacing an old one, or repairing an existing driveway, it pays to take your time and hire the right driveway concrete service. Finding the cheapest price will often cost you more in the long run. What you really need is a combination of quality, fair prices, and reliability. The following tips will help you sort through your choices and find the best concrete contractor for your project.

Driveway Concrete Service Qualifications

The cost of a new aisle is on average about $ 4000. This price includes the demolition of the old driveway, preparation of the basement, delivery of concrete, formwork and concrete pouring and finishing. If you want a more stylish look, textured surface treatments and stained concrete options are available to enhance the curb appeal at a higher cost. It is important to hire the right driveway concrete company that can perform all of the tasks required by your project.

To live

When shopping for driveway concrete services, look for companies with at least five years of experience. These companies are better placed to deliver quality, reliable and consistent work. Experienced entrepreneurs have more practical knowledge in the field. In addition, they had the opportunity to build up a verifiable work history and a loyal clientele.

The proof is in the portfolio. A contractor’s compilation of completed projects and client recommendations will help you clearly understand the services they provide and how well they are performing their projects. If your project involves demolition or specialized concrete treatments, make sure they’ve done these things on previous work. Ask for this material at the start of the conversation.

Customer service

The best driveway concrete companies train their staff with an emphasis on interpersonal skills, clear communication and attention to detail. Company representatives should exhibit friendly demeanor and be willing to spend as much time as necessary discussing the project with potential clients. Avoid contractors who continually postpone appointments, return phone calls, or hesitate to answer questions.

The quote

There is no shortage of concrete companies and they will always provide a free quote for your project. Don’t buy just for the price. The cheapest price can be expensive in the long run. After a thorough discussion of project details and a full review of the estimate, choose the company that offers the right balance of quality and price while staying on budget.

Services offered by a driveway concrete company

Construction and repair of concrete walkways

A good concrete contractor will help you get your money’s worth. Your existing driveway may look poor but still have decades of useful life with just a few repairs or resurfacing, or it may require a total replacement. Maybe an overhaul is needed. Your aisle business will have the skills and expertise to help you determine the best path forward to get the best solution.

Decorative concrete services

Contemporary concrete walkways offer a wide range of color and texture treatments. While these upgrades add to the cost of the project, they also set your home apart with a new look. If you are interested in decorative concrete options, be sure to let your contractor know before you meet with him. They can show you all the colors and patterns available and work with you to create the look you want.

Concrete resurfacing

If your existing driveway is cracked or suffers from surface imperfections, resurfacing may be a viable solution. Resurfacing a concrete driveway costs about half the price of a total replacement, and the repair could extend the life of the driveway by decades. Consult with your contractor to see if resurfacing may be an option for your driveway.

How to Hire a Driveway Concrete Service

Repairing or replacing a driveway is a big expense and you will have to live with the results for years to come. Start the process by chatting with your friends, family, and other local acquaintances who have done similar projects. Ask them for positive references and which companies to avoid.

  • Meet with several contractors and compare at least three quotes before making your choice.
  • Check the references. Professionals should be able to provide at least three recent references of similar projects completed within the past 12-18 months.
  • Read quotes and contracts carefully. The price should be fixed unless you decide to make changes.
  • Make any changes to the contract in writing before signing or paying anything.
  • The initial deposit should not exceed 20% of the total cost of the project, the balance being due on satisfactory completion.

Questions to ask a driveway concrete contractor

  1. How long do you think my project will take?
  2. Will all the work be done by your employees or will there be any subcontractors doing certain tasks?
  3. Can I have your license number and a copy of your insurance certificate?
  4. Can I see some examples of your recent work?
  5. Can I have three references from recent clients with projects similar to mine?
  6. Can I have a quotation in writing before the contract?
  7. Do you guarantee your work? Tell me about your warranty?
  8. When can you start?

Choosing the right aisle concreting service

After interviewing several entrepreneurs and reviewing their proposals, it’s time to make a decision. The best entrance concreting service will be the one that is able to complete your project on time, while respecting your budget. More than one may match this description. The extra points go to the one with the best personal references, exceptional customer service, faster turnaround time, lower price, or whatever else matters most to you.

Payment options

Most concrete professionals charge per project, basing the cost on the estimated time and materials needed. The contract will show the overall cost and should break it down into individual amounts allocated for time (or labor) and materials. It should also include permanent contact information for all parties, a detailed scope of work, a completion schedule, and a payment schedule related to the completion of the work.

You should never pay more than 20% of the total cost of the project up front. The balance will be due upon satisfactory completion of the entire project.

Compare quotes from top local contractors

Free and non-binding estimates

Driveway Concrete Services FAQs

How much does it cost to repair a concrete driveway?

The cost of resurfacing a concrete driveway starts around $ 4 per square foot. Stained concrete and textured surfaces increase the cost of $ 6 to $ 10 per square foot or more.

Is it cheaper to pave or concrete a driveway?

An asphalt driveway is often cheaper to install, with prices ranging from $ 2 to $ 4 per square foot, and lasts about 20 years. A concrete driveway costs between $ 4 and $ 6 per square foot, with a lifespan of approximately 30 years. A concrete driveway could get more for your money.

How much does a raw concrete driveway cost?

A raw concrete driveway costs about $ 6 per square foot. Improvements such as coloring and texturing can increase the cost of $ 10 per square foot or more.

Can I redo the coating of my concrete driveway?

Concrete walkways can be redone to cover large cracks, holes, spalling or discoloration, only if the foundation is in good condition. Otherwise, the driveway must be replaced.

How long do concrete walkways last?

With average care, concrete walkways last about 30 years. For longer life, be sure to regularly reseal the surface, fill any cracks that appear, and remove standing water on the surface.

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