‘House of Gucci’ Bluray Review: Ambitious Biographical Drama Doesn’t Quite Delivering Expected Thrills

This Lady Gaga-historical drama about the real-life murder of the head of the Gucci fashion house, Maurizio Gucci (Pilot Adam) by his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani had all the elements of an excellent film. Magnificent locations and sets, sumptuous costumes, an all-star cast and an iconic director of Ridley Scott at the bar. What could go wrong? Well, this nearly three-hour movie never really goes anywhere. It begins to crumble under its own ambition as the scenes become outdated and repetitive, and the actors felt handicapped from the start having to deliver outdated dialogue in forced Italian accents.

This concept could have had a dizzying rise and a dizzying fall for Patrizia like that of Jordan Belfort in the wolf of Wall Streetwith a palpable inter-family tension brought to the Succession, and gorgeous visuals with its roots in the fashion world. However, the result is just a flat, formulaic piece that didn’t leave much of an impact on its conclusion.

The film’s color is particularly jarring, with much of the vibrancy of the Italian locations and the character’s excellent costumes becoming completely sterilized into a dull grey/white tone. Also, for everyone, a beautiful scene showing our characters in the Italian countryside, biking through the beautiful streets of Milan, or skiing in Switzerland, there were two scenes of claustrophobic dialogue around restaurant tables and in boring meeting rooms.

The film feels rushed from its first frame, with Lady Gaga’s Patrizia and Driver’s Maurizio falling deeply in love during a brief cut, then embarking on family drama before audiences expand. really. a desire to root for both of them as a couple, or even for Patrizia in her own goals as the protagonist, which are murkyly established at best. The movie really could have shown audiences a disturbing and compelling portrayal of someone driven to commit an unspeakable act against someone they loved, but its pacing left viewers disconnected from everything onscreen.

While Lady Gaga and other actors playing members of the Gucci family like Al Pacinodeliver gripping scenes in isolation, overall the movie just meanders through time and never delivers a real sense of family conflict that you might get from a single act of an episode of Succession. Jared Letoit’s The performance as Paolo Gucci was also entertaining, although his Italian accent sometimes borders on parody.

Overall, this film disappoints with its over-promise and under-delivery. Issues with inconsistent accents and the film’s writing hold back one of the actors from a truly stellar performance, and the film’s lack of visual flair is exceptionally shocking given its glamorous subject matter. It would have benefited from engaging in a campier, more humorous tone or becoming much darker. This film could have been an absolutely shocking and savage look at an extremely tumultuous time for a highly established luxury brand, but instead committed the cardinal sin of just being quite boring.

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