Here are 4 high-end mascaras that are worth every penny

According to one beauty editor, mascara choices will always say more about a person, which is why choosing the right product is so important. First world problems, but it’s still something.

When it comes to the perfect set of false eyelashes, we’re all looking for something different. Some go for the length, others are more packaging and tubing oriented and let’s not forget the coveted offer of waterproof mascara. Maybe you’re a beauty enthusiast looking to try a mascara that your favorite celebrity swears by, or maybe you’re the person drugstore brands are just right for you.

Either way, there’s something for everyone. Personally, I am a fan of luxury mascara. High-quality formulas that evoke a rich, next-level experience, an Instagram-worthy hit, a beautiful wand, all “sha-bang”. I will always be ready to put my money where my eyes are. If you’re like this editor and after a luxurious moment of lash lengthening, we’ve rounded up four high-end mascaras that are worth every penny.

This mascara from YSL Beauty is heavy in volume but completely lightweight, even after many hours of use. The bonus feature is that this product can deliver those fluffy, lush lashes in just a few swipes – the removal process is a snap too, requiring just a cotton ball and a few drops of your favorite micellar water.

For those who care, you’d be proud to know that Byredo’s Astronomical Mascara is 100% vegan. The brush’s curved design allows you to effectively coat each lash without the mess and smudges getting in your way, delivering premium lashes in seconds.

Adept of clean beauty, makeup artist and founder Gucci Westman knew exactly what she was doing when formulating this chic mascara. This science-backed product is infused with glycerin, which optimizes wand glide over lashes, and galactoarabinan, an extract of larch, which conditions and hydrates lashes while leaving them looking lush, thick, and never clumpy.

Outside of the obviously gorgeous packaging, this mascara from Gucci Beauty is small but mighty. The wand is smaller than most luxury brands, but it does a great job of highlighting and lining natural lashes without clumping or flaking after hours of use.

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