Gucci’s Attache bag is a reinterpretation of tradition

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When Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele laid eyes on the Attache bag in the Italian fashion house’s archives, he knew the style was ahead of its time. Designed in a crescent or half-moon shape that clings to itself, the ’70s silhouette is a tote, practical, but with the trappings of a modern it bag – like craftsmanship and appeal. unisex – that transcends time and space.

Intrigued by the handbag, Michele followed her “instinctual desire” to reinterpret it for Gucci‘s Love Parade Spring/Summer 2022 collection. The collection’s theme was a nod to Gucci’s multifaceted roots in art and film, shown on the streets of Hollywood last November.

The bag’s G-shaped metal clasp nods to the 1975 bag – forever linking the new Attache bag to its original – with an updated color palette, contemporary leather fabrications and duo sizing options. The clasp allows the crescent shape to stay open or closed as a top-handle bag, shoulder bag, or functional messenger bag – a bag I would happily use as a small weekender or work bag. The Attaché is available in small and large sizes with leather, suede or a vintage Gucci monogrammed option, a collector’s item for longtime Gucci admirers and my favorite version. This bag highlights the point that Michele makes me think time and time again: that an object of desire cannot only be beautiful, it must also be useful.

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