Gucci Mainframe: How a Fashion Pioneer is Leading the Way in Gaming, Esports and Web3

For years, many well-meaning organizations have sought to address the mental and physical challenges that esports athletes face on a daily basis. Earlier this year, Gucci came out and did something about it.

This year, through a partnership with the World Health Organization (increasing credibility), Gucci launched the Gucci Gaming Academy. The GGA not only seeks to develop rising stars in esports, but to do so The right way, with a spirit towards good mental and physical health. The organization also seeks to have a positive impact on the sport itself, creating a less oppressive competitive environment than one that prevents the sport from reaching its true potential.

The takeaway: Like Gucci‘s NFT gallery for young and established artists, the Gucci Gaming Academy is not just an entity but a commitment to the future of an entire community and the sport they love.

Fashion. Forward.

How far can Gucci’s journey in gaming and web3 go? Of course, it’s fun to list Gucci alongside huge game publishers and hardware makers; perhaps a better comparison might be Red Bull. Once an energy drink that sponsored high-flying extreme sports, it would continue to invest wisely and grow its involvement year after year, until it became a leading voice in football, running and entertainment. other world sports.

It’s easy to imagine a time in the years to come when the Gucci name will wield the same influence in the gaming-esports-web3 space as it does on the catwalks of Paris and Milan. But what that will look like remains to be seen and, in fact, might not be revealed for years. Gaming and web3, after all, do not reflect current culture, it is create culture.

And it’s a place where Gucci feels at home.

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