Gucci embraces an ever-evolving narrative with the Gucci Blondie

The luxury Italian fashion house unveils its latest collection of accessories as well as a striking campaign visual.

More often than not, labels find themselves reinventing their brand so many times that they end up losing sight of their identity. But then there are the fashion houses so steadfast in their label’s DNA that their identity becomes impenetrable, something Gucci has stood for since its inception in 1921.

Fifty years later, Gucci created a line of archival bags that championed their interlocking G emblem. The line has become so iconic that their design is still synonymous with the Italian fashion house today. How did he manage to maintain his supremacy, you might be wondering? For Gucci, the answer is simple: by embracing an ever-evolving narrative.

And, continuing that in 2022, Gucci announced its latest line, the Gucci Blondie. Drawing inspiration from the design’s patent documents from 1971, the Gucci Blondie once again has its G emblem center stage, while original new details propel the accessory into the modern world – infusing new identity into rooms.

Covering multiple sizes, silhouettes and details, the Gucci Blondie comes in messenger bags, day-to-night handbags and dressy clutches. Unveiled through a striking campaign video by Angelo Pennetta, the visual shows the collection deployed in the hustle and bustle of New York. The visual shows several women dressed in the immaculate and masculine style of the 1970s, all accessorized with the perfect Gucci Blondie bag. Showcasing the range and versatility of lines, Gucci proves the endless possibilities of fashion as well as the endless ability to redefine itself.

To discover the complete collection, visit Alternatively, you can stream the campaign now by scrolling below…

creative director

Alessandro Michele

Artistic director

Christopher Simmonds

PhD & Director

Angelo Pennette


Thomas De Kluyver

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