Gucci, Dr. Martens and many more are coming to the Domaine in 2022

New year, new shops to choose from! This year, a plethora of new boutiques await you at the Domaine, including the long-awaited Gucci boutique.

These 11 new additions to The Domain aren’t the only stores opening this year — in fact, they’re just the beginning. While few exact dates have been released, the following are all expected to open in the first three months of the year, meaning you can expect even more grand openings in the final months.

So what’s on the program?

Anine Bing | Avenue Rock Rose.

Focusing on the minimalist color palette favored by Scandinavians but inspired by energetic Americans, Anine Bing will open her first-ever standalone Texas location at The Domain this quarter. The eponymous brand seeks to give women a new “timeless yet rebellious” style characterized by high quality materials such as silk, linen, cashmere and 14 carat gold. Located on Rock Rose across from Nike, the store will be the sixth standalone location in the United States

Dr Martens | Avenue Rock Rose.

Another new addition to the Rock Rose strip, Dr. Martens’ famous chunky shoes and boots will soon be available for purchase in person. It will be the first Dr. Martens in Austin and the fourth in Texas, with stores in San Antonio, Houston and Dallas.

Gucci | Century Oaks Park

The wildly popular designer brand makes its first appearance in Austin, slated to open in late March. Although previous fans had to drive south to the factory outlet in San Marcos, or as far as Houston and Dallas to get their fix of Gucci, the Domain store is set to open on Century Oaks Park next to Tiffany & Co. end of March. .

Albion | Path of palm trees

Founded by husband-and-wife duo Dave and Liz Findlay in Salt Lake City, Albion is a fresh take on sustainably made women’s pieces, from swimwear to activewear to dresses. In Palm Way’s next store, you’ll find pieces that are comfortable, versatile and easy to style.

Reform | Avenue Rock Rose.

Boasting a reputation for being 100% carbon neutral, Los Angeles-based womenswear brand Reformation aims to celebrate the female figure while adding masculine touches. This will be Reformation’s second local site, with one already in the Southern Congress.

Vuori | Estate Boulevard

Vuori at the Domain store will be the brand’s first launch in Texas, joining just 13 stores across the country. A high-end activewear company, Vuori sells styles for men and women inspired by the California coast. The new store will be located at the intersection of Rock Rose Ave. and Domain Blvd. across from RH The Gallery.

Joybird | Path of palm trees

Built around the idea that your home furniture should be as boldly original as the home that surrounds it, Joybird offers both high-end designs and bespoke furniture made for unique tastes. The new Palm Way showroom will be the second in Texas, with one in Dallas, and the seventh nationwide.

Room & Board | Path of palm trees

With over 90% of products made by American artisans, Room & Board is dedicated to durable, quality and modern home furnishings. With plans for Room & Board to open in February, the showroom will open on Palm Way

Specialized | 3200 Palm Road

Coming this spring, Austin-based Specialized will open its first physical location to the many bike enthusiasts in Central Texas. The brand has partnered with bicycle retailers since 1974, so the Palm Way location just off Nina Berenato will be the first time to have a store in nearly 50 years.

Honest eyelashes | Domain reader

Coming in strong with its third location in Austin, Honest Lash wants to help customers step up their lash and brow game while the rest of their face is shrouded in a mask. Inside are licensed specialists, who are trained to help you tailor your face to the desired length, fullness and shape of their eyebrows and eyelashes. Honest Lash will open in February.

Westlake Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery | Estate Boulevard

With over a dozen locations in the Austin area, Westlake Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery is well known to Austinites. With a full range of dermatology, cosmetic surgery, injections and laser treatments, the new clinic is set to open on Domain Blvd.

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