Gucci Built A Persistent City Inside Roblox

Gucci makes its presence inside Roblox a little more permanent. The fashion brand previously collaborated with the virtual world for more ephemeral experiences, like last year’s surreal Gucci Garden, and is now launching a more persistent space called Gucci Town. The space includes a central garden that connects different areas, including a space for mini-games, a café and a virtual shop where players can, of course, buy virtual Gucci gear for their Roblox avatar. (The company says the virtual outfits use Robloxnew “layered clothing” technology.)

Gucci says more than 20 million gamers visited the garden last year, despite it only being available for two weeks, and it expects the new space to grow steadily over time. “The starting point when designing the experience has always been the community,” said Nicolas Oudinot, executive vice president of new businesses at Gucci. The edge. “True to this, we see future developments as an open dialogue between Gucci and returning visitors. Emerging content creators and the talents of the Roblox The community will be on board as we infuse the ecosystem with new ideas and visual stimuli, as our creative message is constantly evolving, evolving with the kaleidoscopic vision of Creative Director Alessandro Michele.

As odd as the partnership may seem, it’s also a natural evolution for Gucci, which has been venturing into the gaming realm a lot lately. In addition to releasing Roblox experiences, the fashion company has also partnered with esports organization 100 Thieves for a backpack and Microsoft for a very expensive Xbox. In fact, many big names in fashion have entered into similar collaborations, including Balenciaga with fortniteBurberry with honor of kingsand Longchamp with Pokemon Go.

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