From the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ to the ‘House of Gucci’, the art of no longer being Jared Leto

Although not among the Oscar nominations, Jared Leto It really is among the Oscar nominations. It is that, being so difficult to recognize him behind the character of Paul Gucci to “Gucci House”, it also has a lot to do with the category’s favorite Oscar nomination Best Hair and Makeup (The only “House of Gucci” nomination received despite other outstanding performances from Lady Gaga, Al Pacino, Adam Driver and Jeremy Irons.) And when competing in this category against “Coming 2 America” by Eddie Murphy, “cruel” by Emma Stone, the special effects of “dune” And until “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” of Jessica Chastain, it will be difficult for Jared Leto to lose. Forgiveness. It will be difficult for her to lose the prize for the best make-up and hairstyle of “House of Gucci“.

-What’s the big difference between rock star Jared Leto and the actor?-

“Jared Leto, the singer doesn’t need hairpieces or wigs to work. I might as well do it, I’m a creative person who loves movies and music. It’s a wonderful thing and I recommend it (laughs).

-But is it possible to benefit from the experience of music in your acting work?-

“Yes, there are a lot of things in common, actually. Italian, for example, is a musical language. There’s so much melody…and Paolo’s voice (Gucci) was key to playing the character in “House of Gucci.” I have a rather boring, dry and monotonous voice in my life. And it was so fun to be able to pull the Italian strings to get into this style of symphonic words. I also couldn’t find much about Paolo, speaking. There are not too many interviews and the photos are also very limited. I talked to my family and friends, until I found a video of him speaking in an interview and that was enough for me.

Telling the true story of the Gucci fashion brand empire, starring superstars like Lady Gaga, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons and Adam Driver, Jared Leto shines as Paolo Gucci (fictional son of Al Pacino and cousin of the protagonist Adam Driver). The Oscar nomination really demonstrates the total transformation where Jared Leto is totally unrecognizable into a big bald man with mustaches and a strong Italian accent, appearing in history as the most abused of the Gucci family, for not taking into account his artistic skills. And what’s not in the movies is that the real Paolo Gucci sent Father Aldo Gucci (Al Pacino in the fiction) to jail when he betrayed him for tax evasion. Paolo didn’t fare too well either when he left his second wife, Jenny, to have two more children with a 19-year-old mistress. And after filing for bankruptcy to end five weeks in prison for failing to pay child support for his eldest daughter, he died aged 64 in London of chronic hepatitis.

-Being completely unrecognizable in ‘House of Gucci’, do you realize that most people wouldn’t even realize that Jared Leto is behind the character of Paolo Gucci?-

“It’s something that I appreciate a lot because all my life I’ve preferred people to look at the character and not Jared Leto. I remember a story with Harrison Ford, with his first job. He had played a hotel bellboy and after filming the first scene, they called him in the studio and said, “We don’t see a movie star there”, and he said to them, “It’s funny, because I thought you wanted to see a hotel hunter.. Therefore, I’m not on the path to movie stardom, I prefer the path of solid character development.

-So the idea behind the unrecognizable interpretation as Paolo Gucci is totally yours?-

“We had conversations with the director, Ridley Scott. At first, they sent me the script to play another character. And when I read it, I said to myself that I responded better to this person, with the idea of ​​the artist who dreams, with so many creative aspirations. And when we met Ridley, I said, I’d love to do this if you let me drive him crazy. And he agreed with: I think it’s fantastic. The rest is history.

-Is it true that director Ridley Scott didn’t recognize you the first time he saw you with makeup in the studio?-

“Who’s that funny fat guy in the studio?” He asked. It was the first time he had seen me in makeup.

-And how was the first meeting with Al Pacino?-

“Oh, that was amazing. The power that Al has of being Al… when he starts talking in his deep voice… The funny thing is, I also came in in my suit and makeup, I I’m standing next to him like I know him and now I know he knows He asked me who I was, because I kept telling him: dad with a strong Italian accent, until what someone says to him: it’s Jared and he knelt with a bow (laughs).

-And another singer like Lady Gaga, who accompanies you as an actress?-

“The experience was wonderful and very, very, very special. It was an absolute honor to be in front of such a significant presence as the Great Lady Gaga, a true American entertainer of all time. It was exciting. We all do good things from time to time and we are lucky to do what we do, but this shoot was something very special for me. I am grateful to have worked with those I consider my heroes and that they trusted me. I just tried to contribute hoping not to spoil the film (laughs). I’m honestly happy to be part of this team, beyond any nomination.

-When you won the Oscar with ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ didn’t they also win the Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyling?-

“Yes, and they totally deserved it, because they really worked very hard there with an actual budget of $250.”

-How was the process of physical transformation as Paolo Gucci?-

“We only had three weeks to prepare because the person I started with quit. I was about to call Ridley to tell him that I didn’t know if it was safe to do this, that I was going to have to find someone else, until I saw a beautiful film called ‘Border’, where they used hairpieces in a very interesting way (where with complex make-up they turned European actors into goblins). It was a work of genius. And I looked up this Swedish genius named Goran Lundstrom who was crazy enough to accept on such short notice. That’s how we started the race…for the Oscar.

-Is there anything Jared Leto in Paolo Gucci?-

“I identified with Paolo Gucci from the beginning, because of the desire to be an artist, the desire to create something and share it with the world. His desire to be taken seriously, to be appreciated, to be loved. All these things, in a way, it’s kind of like a Shakespearean story, with this weird family. And I think Paolo was also a kind of clown prince, a tragic figure. It’s someone who couldn’t achieve what he dreamed of. He broke my heart the same way he filled it.

-In ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ you played a transvestite, then you were the villain in the movie as the Joker in ‘Suicide Squad’. And Paolo Gucci isn’t the best either, considering he sent his dad to jail. What style of movie characters do you like on a personal level?

“I love villains in film, like Jack Nicholson in ‘No Exit.’ I don’t know if De Niro is the villain in ‘Taxi Driver’… also Hal in ‘2001 Space Odyssey’ which is so interesting for being a computer and also ‘Jaws’ or even King Kong. give you examples Do we have more time?

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