French Flair: BLACKPINK’s best fashion moments in Paris

There is something about the ultimate French girls style that makes it so iconic: it’s simple yet chic, classic yet modern, and most of all, effortlessly stylish. It seems easy to emulate when their signature style is always ‘less is more’, but what makes it elusive is the perfectly flawed look that makes it so cool. As CR Fashion Book explains: “The French girl style is perfectly undone, it is chic without too much effort and always looks perfectly put together. Everyone at BLACKPINK always understands the fashion mission, and that includes standing out in French “It-girl” looks with a distinct touch of Korean flair. Here are some of their best fashion moments in the brilliant City of Lights:

Stars in the front row

Jennie is often referred to as “human Chanel” in Korea for her innate ability to make everything she wears dear. Chanel, a French luxury house known for its powerful elegance, selects only the best individuals from around the world as ambassadors. Jennie perfectly matches the image of the Chanel girl, not only with her timeless beauty, but also with her incredible ability to make classic modern styles effortless. Dazed magazine called Jennie’s charm to have that “aloof, girl crush appeal,” something that Chanel evolved into while retaining her legendary style.

Vogue, Vogue Paris

Face of YSL, Rosé takes advantage of her moment as brand ambassador. While staying true to her personal off-screen style of casual, feminine, elegant, simple and flattering silhouettes, YSL upgraded her look with different textures of black and gave a nod to the bespoke smoking tuxedo jacket from the fashion house. Rosé also knows how to look sexy without showing off too much skin, as well as having that quiet confidence when she’s in front of the cameras.

Jisoo recently became the topic of conversation in Paris when she attended a multitude of events for Dior. She captured the eyes of fashion insiders when she sat in the front row and got an exclusive look inside the historic showroom of the fashion house. She started from being a local Dior beauty ambassador to become the brand’s muse and official fashion ambassador. Her personal style of classic feminine looks was perfect for Dior’s signature sophisticated aesthetic.

Lisa may be the perfect combination of the member’s styles with hers I do not know what. Dazed summed up her style as “dirty, tomboy looks that have gone through much of the noise”, making her the “apple of the eye of the fashion industry“. She is avant-garde while remaining classic, just like Céline, the brand she brilliantly represents.

Chic travel styles

There is no doubt that Jennie’s favorite place in Paris is the iconic Eiffel Tower. Her trip to Paris isn’t complete without a little nod in front of her, and she does it in style. She’s still laid back but with a few standout pieces (from Chanel, of course), something an elegant Frenchwoman would do.

Lisa is always dressed to impress when it comes to her Paris travel looks. She recently posted pictures from her time in Nice, and it looks like she’s having a blast taking in the view in style. She has a creative way of making jeans look dressy and casual at the same time. It’s no wonder that fashion insiders are eager to see what she’s going to wear next!

Rosé also makes sure to snap photos in some of Paris’ popular destinations with her feminine and minimalist looks. With her tousled hair, makeup-free makeup, and that general style that a lot of people want to copy, she pulled off the French girl look and so much more! What makes her style unique is her ability to make luxury brands both exclusive and friendly with her sweet personality and alluring charm.

Jisoo has a sparkling and cute personality and the perfect blend of comfort and style. It keeps it simple with black, white or gray colors and a centerpiece (a Dior handbag, of course). She managed to dress effortlessly while still looking trendy, young and classic.

Super models

With their ability to embody the aesthetics of their respective brands while adding their own unique qualities, not to mention making any piece sell like hot cakes, it’s no wonder BLACKPINK has become one of the models. most wanted. Their off-camera driving, talent, good-humored personalities, and accomplishments at such a young age are also what inspires many people, making them not only models, but role models as well. We can’t wait to see them conquer not only the fashion world, but also the music world once again!


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Diane P_Kim is an English magazine and online publisher based in South Korea. She is the author of a K-pop style book published by Skyhorse Publications, New York, including her second book, “BTS Bible”. Find out on Amazon, follow her on Instagram @dianne_panda, and subscribe to her YouTube channel on iwonderkorea.

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