Films that will make you pack your bags and go on a trip

Whether you want to take a little break from work or have the best vacation of your life, there’s a movie that can inspire you to pack your bags and leave the house! Movies are a great escape when you want to dive into another world or plan to start a new life somewhere else.

But realistically, we can only travel to places that actually exist on Earth. Yes, we know you want to live at Hogwarts or Middle-earth, but we’ve found you a better option! Here is a list of recommended movies that will inspire the travel bug in you:

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

When you feel like strolling through the beautiful streets of northern Italy, call me by your name will take you there easily with its incredible landscapes! It’s one of the best movie adaptations that will have you falling in love and crying at the end.

Besides the breathtaking love story of Oliver and Elio, the cinematography will show you the quaint little corners of Italy that most tourists don’t frequent. These hidden gems should be on your itinerary for your next summer getaway!

Mama Mia! (2008)

Mamma Mia Movies

If you are a fan of musical films, Mama Mia! will surely inspire you to capture the true beauty of Greece! Set on the picturesque island of Skopelos, the film is packed with polished summer aesthetics paired with catchy, upbeat tunes courtesy of ABBA!

The majestic view of the beaches and the charming little villages will certainly motivate you to save for an unforgettable trip to the Greek island. Maybe a long vacation away from the hectic city life is all you need for a mind and body reset!

Before Sunset (2004)

Movies before sunset

The second movie of the Before trilogy, before sunset is filmed in the ever-romantic city of Paris. This sequel to the first film picks up nine years after Jesse and Céline met in Vienna. They spent the afternoon catching up on each other’s lives and confessing that their failed communication haunted them for years.

It is the ideal place for lovers who wish to spend a romantic vacation or those planning their honeymoon. If you are single, this is also the best place to bring your friends and enjoy the picturesque streets of the City of Light.

Barcelona: An Unspeakable Love (2016)

Films from Barcelona An Untold Love

Barcelona: an unprecedented love is a Filipino film shot in the beautiful city of Barcelona, ​​Spain. At the center of its history is the famous Sagrada Família, the breathtaking and still unfinished church designed by Antonio Gaudí.

If you fancy a historical expedition, Barcelona is a great place to explore. The magnificent cathedrals and Hispanic architecture will take your breath away.

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

The devil wears Prada

If you feel like going the extra mile and want to feel the hype of city life, the Big Apple has some great experiences in store for you. The devil wears Prada touts the hip, hip New York life of demanding editor Miranda Priestly and her assistants.

This film will inspire new graduates and young adults trying to achieve the career of their dreams. If you crave a high-end, fast-paced life, New York is for you!

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