BLACKPINK’s Jennie regularly looks stunning in Chanel. Jennie has grown accustomed to wearing Chanel as the brand’s international representative. She was dubbed “Human Chanel” as a result. Fans loved it when Jennie wore this red Chanel two-piece to the Chanel Spring-Summer 2022 show in October. Jennie finished the ensemble with a crimson Chanel bag, layered Chanel necklaces and a beaded Chanel belt. The global icon gave the outfit a regal air, especially with the gold background. Jennie perfectly complemented the brand’s opulent aesthetic. THE SSERAFIM, a group of up-and-coming rookies, has continually garnered attention on the internet for their stunning aesthetics and model proportions. Chaewon, the leader of the group, debuted with LE SSERAFIM with a stylish black bob.

Even her simplest outfits are enhanced by the trendy hairstyle. Chaewon’s fashion sense has combined a stylish look with a casual feel, which works well for the leader. Today, Chaewon posted a new image on her personal Instagram account while sporting the same Chanel red tweed vest that Jennie wore in October. In a more casual ensemble, Chaewon wore the top over a black tube top, with pants and a choker necklace. Chaewon kept everything attractive and trendy to contrast Jennie’s air of elegance with her attire. The two idols looked stunning in Chanel outfits!

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