Fans can’t forget Gucci Mane’s Keyshia Ka’oir video on ‘Daddy Duty’ with Son Ice


Keyshia Kaoirthe post of Gucci Mane and their son Ice Davis touched fans’ hearts on September 30 after watching the couple spend some quality time together.

In the recording, the rapper is seen in a full-size playpen with Davis as he pretends to take a call from the 9-month-old’s toy phone. Gucci said, “Who do you want to talk to? Ice? Hold on? Who is that calling you? Say she wants ice cream. Do you want Ice Cream, Big Ice Cream?

The video of Gucci Mane‘s Keyshia Ka’oir playing with their 9-month-old son Ice makes fans pale at the bond between them. Photo: @ keyshiakaoir / Instagram

At the end of the clip, the 41-year-old told Davis to crawl in his direction in order to retrieve the phone. “Do you want your phone? Come on, crawl over here, come on. Ka’oir jokingly kept the theme of the video when she subtitle the post, “Hey @ icedavis1017 who all these girls calling your phone😂.”

When fans watched the video, many of them expressed how beautiful it was to see Gucci being a father.

“Bruh seeing Gucci in a playpen is content I didn’t know I needed ️! It’s beautiful to look at his journey over those years like wowww.

“It’s him in the park for me !!! .

“This video made my day. Seeing Gucci in such a vulnerable and happy space with his family is heartwarming. ❤️❤️❤️.

“Awwwwwwwww is nothing like family time.”

In addition to the touching remarks, one Instagram user spoke of how quickly Davis grew up: “The ice cream is getting so big ❤️❤️❤️.”

Gucci and Ka’oir welcomed their son last December and shared the big news on their respective Instagram accounts. Ka’oir wrote: “He’s here !!!!!!!!! ICE DAVIS 12/23/20 7lbs #ThankYouLord OMG he’s so CUTE & PERFECT. The rapper immediately followed suit and said, “My wife just gave me a 7lb 1oz little boy his name ICE DAVIS 12/23/20 thank you Mrs Davis he’s here !!!!!!!”

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