Every Billie Lourd Character Created By Ryan Murphy, Ranked


Billie Lourd has worked with Ryan Murphy on several occasions now, appearing on three of his shows. But which of the characters in Lourd Murphy are the best?

Billie Lourd has worked with Ryan Murphy for some time now, having appeared on three of the creator’s shows. Her work with him began on horror comedy Scream queens when she played Channel # 3 for both seasons.

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Since playing Winter Anderson in the series’ seventh season, Lourd has also become a mainstay of Murphy’s flagship show. american horror story. She has played many unique and exciting characters while working with Murphy on these projects.

seven Linda Kasabian (American Horror Story: Cult)

Linda in Ahs Cult

In its first season of american horror story, Lourd actually portrayed two different characters. In a special episode focused on the cult leaders of the story, she played a key member of the Manson family, Linda Kasabian.

Kasabian watches over other Cult members who participate in the Manson Family murders. However, she later betrays the Cult and turns them into the police. This segment provides a parallel between Linda’s betrayal of the Cult and Kai’s mistrust of Heavy’s character Winter in the season’s main segment and serves to explain her delusions about her. While Lourd does well with the role, it’s brief and the character only appears in a few scenes.

6 Lark Feldman (American Horror Story: Double Feature)

Lark (Billie Lourd) talks to Harry about his dentistry in American Horror Story Double Feature Red Tide

Lourd had a brief but fun role in the final season of american horror story as a tattoo artist, Lark. She spends her time sharpening the teeth of the “creatives” of Provincetown, which helps fuel their thirst for blood.

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Lark is a user of the “black pill” and an integral part of Harry and Belle’s transformations. During a flashback scene with Belle, she casually recalls the murder of her boyfriend, which shows that there is a dark side to the character. Lark is only in a few scenes during the season, so not much is known about her, but she’s still a fun addition to the story.


5 Liv Whitley (American Horror Stories: BA’AL)

Heavy also appeared in AHS spin off, American Horror Stories like Liv Whitley. This episode is one of the scariest episodes of American Horror Stories due to the creature design of the terrifying demon, Ba’al.

When Liv struggles to conceive a baby, she decides to make a deal with a fertility demon, not realizing that she is being fooled by her partner and friends. In a twist of fate however, she manages to summon the true demon who helps her take revenge on the group. Despite being a one-episode story, Lourd puts on a stellar performance as a character and really makes an audience road for her.

4 Chanel # 3 (Scream Queens)

The first time Lourd worked with Murphy was on his comedy-horror series, Shout the queens. Chanel # 3 clearly inspired many of the actress’ subsequent characters american horror story because she’s very dry and sarcastic, a bit like Winter Anderson.

Murphy’s Scream queens offers many outfits including Chanel # 3 earmuffs. The earmuffs are a tribute to Princess Leia, played by Lourd’s mother Carrie Fisher in the Star wars franchise. While much of Chanel # 3’s sarcasm is a staple for the characters in Lourd, she’s a much more comedic character than fans will be used to seeing the actress play.

3 Winter Anderson (American Horror Story: Cult)

Murphy’s first AHS the role of Lourd was Winter Anderson who took quite a trip in Worship. Winter is the sister of Cult frontman Kai and also has an affair with Ivy Mayfair-Richards.

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Due to their toxic relationship and his strange hold on her, Winter also ends up joining the cult of Kai. Ultimately, Kai brutally kills her sister in one of the season’s most tragic scenes. Winter possesses many of the sarcastic qualities that Lourd brings to many of her characters; but, her complicated relationship with Kai and her complex moral make her one of the actress’ most interesting characters.

2 Mallory (American Horror Story: Apocalypse)

Mallory in American Horror Story

Mallory was one of the most important characters in season 8 of American horror story. The season features some of the best character crossovers from american horror story including the assembly witches. Mallory is one of the witches and is destined to become the next supreme and the downfall of the antichrist.

In a divisive decision for the series, Mallory takes out Michael by going back in time and crushing him before he ever reaches his full power. While not much is known about Mallory’s story, she is still a key player this season. She’s a lot less confident than the other characters Lourd has played on the show, and it’s interesting to see the actress embrace something different.

1 Montana Duke (American Horror Story: 1984)

Montana is one of the best characters in American Horror Story: 1984 due to the juxtaposition of her playful nature and her thirst for revenge. Montana does everything possible to befriend Brooke but in reality has promised her to Richard Ramirez as she blames her for her brother’s murder.

The character has several unusual romances that are especially fun to watch during the season, including with Ramirez. Like many characters in the franchise before her, Montana discovers a new love of murder after being trapped as a ghost. The character is one of the most complex Murphy has given him and also one of the funniest. Montana liners for 1984 are particularly memorable, and Lourd’s comedic timing is perfect.

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