Evan Mock, the pink-haired skater and actor, is 25

With his shock of pink hair and bad boy fashion sense, Evan Mock, the actor and skateboarder best known for playing a rich kid experiencing a sexual awakening in HBO Max’s “Gossip Girl” reboot, stands out in the most crowds.

But he was more than happy to blend in last Sunday night at the Flower Shop, a retro bar and grill on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The opportunity? Be 25 years old.

“Honestly, it really feels good to be surrounded by all my crazy friends,” Mr. Mock said between sips of Dom Pérignon.

Dressed in a white zip-up shirt and black bolo tie (both Prada), he got sentimental as he surveyed bright yellow cubicles filled with East Village skate rats, Hollywood ingenues and dickheads. childhood surfer friends from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

“She’s a real cross-section of all the important people in my life,” Mr. Mock said with a smile, which only seemed to enhance his angled cheekbones. He was referring to guests like his “Gossip Girl” costar Thomas Doherty; his girlfriend, photographer Gray Sorrenti; and downtown “It” couple Ella Emhoff, model and daughter-in-law of Vice President Kamala Harris, and GQ writer Sam Hine.

As guests tucked into cauliflower steaks topped with fried eggs and baskets of fried chicken, stylist Donté McGuine held court near the fish tank behind the bar. “Evan’s stage is like a big melting pot of everything,” said Mr. McGuine, who wore wraparound Rick Owens sunglasses, a black Vaquera top and six-inch red platform shoes.

“There are all these skater buddies here, but you also have someone unexpected like me in the mix,” Mr McGuine added. He let out a loud, intoxicating laugh, then turned on a fan for dramatic effect. Nearby revelers clapped and whistled in appreciation.

The party also mixed work and pleasure. It was hosted by Hugo Renaudin, 27, a French tech entrepreneur who founded a “web3” start-up called P00LS and plans to bring Mr. Mock’s subversive social scene to the metaverse.

“We want a really cool group of skaters and downtown folks to take Web 3.0 as seriously as they do fashion,” Renaudin said, before stepping out for a smoke. “Evan fans online want to know what it’s like to be in the kind of places we’re in right now.”

As midnight approached, the dance floor began to shake and Mr. Mock changed into a sleeveless white Prada waistcoat for the sweatiest second act of the night. In the basement, a skateboard and permanent marker were handed out for guests to sign like a high school yearbook.

It was becoming more and more difficult to manage the hordes of revelers. A pair of young women in mini-dresses turned their heads. “I think it’s one of Ella’s Secret Service agents,” one of the women said.

Actor James Cusati-Moyer and rapper Amiré (who later starred) gathered around the cheetah-print cloth pool table. Above them, old episodes of MTV’s reality series, “My Super Sweet 16” played on TVs – a nod, perhaps, to the TV’s own portrayal of the promiscuous teenager life birthday boy.

At the bar, Yvonne Force Villareal, whose company Culture Corps curated the art featured in “Gossip Girl” (both the original and the reboot), was having a drink with her 18-year-old son, Cuatro. “This is one of Cuatro’s first social events now that he is an adult, getting noticed by the public,” Ms Force Villareal said. Beside them, actress Luna Blaise danced on a bar stool as a Frankie Knuckles house track exploded.

Nearby, fashion editor Nicola Formichetti was trying to discuss costumes for Lady Gaga’s upcoming tour with Belgian creative director PJ Mattan, but he kept getting interrupted, reveler after reveler. “I don’t know who these people are,” he said, a little puzzled.

Mr. Formichetti met Mr. Mock in March during a trip to Marfa, Texas. “Evan and his friends are this generation’s version of Larry Clark’s ‘Kids’,” he said.

As if on cue, a handsome actor wearing a trucker hat and a crew neck sweatshirt sliced ​​through the crowd. Mr. Formichetti tapped Mr. Mock on his shoulder and pointed to the young man. “Is this one straight or gay?” He asked.

“He’s straight,” Mr. Mock replied. “Or maybe not. I don’t remember.

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