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Es Devlin unveils a new large-scale project in Miami’s Design District to mark Chanel No.5’s 100th anniversary. The fashion house commissioned Devlin to create the new installation, “Five Echoes,” which will open during Miami Art Week.

The artist – known for her large-scale theatrical installation work, including the setting for “The Lehman Trilogy,” and for her collaboration with artists such as Kanye, Lady Gaga and Rihanna – was commissioned by Chanel to create an installation celebrating her iconic scent.

“Five Echoes,” which opens during Miami Art Week, will transform the Miami Design District Jungle Plaza into a multisensory maze, surrounded by a lush forest of over 1,000 plants. The center of the circular sculpture will be illuminated by light and a soundscape developed in collaboration with Chanel‘s in-house perfumer, Olivier Polge. Devlin and Polge already collaborated in 2016, when he created an original and ephemeral perfume for his installation “Mirror Maze” in London, also commissioned by Chanel.

“The word labyrinth originally designated human movement: it was a dance before becoming architecture. If our behavior can define our architecture, then maybe our art and architecture can change our behavior, ”Devlin said in a statement about his inspiration for“ Five Echoes ”. “If works of art can help us see ourselves as part of the biosphere and merge in symbiosis with it, if we can begin to see plants and animals as equal protagonists like ourselves in life,” I think we have a better chance at making the bulk of the behavioral changes that are needed not only to avoid climate chaos, but also to live more just, equitably and happily.

“Five Echoes” will be unveiled in a private preview on November 29, before it opens to the public on November 30 and will be on view until December 21. After its closure, the greenery used in the installation will be replanted locally. public parks.

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