Drest launches beauty mode with Gucci Beauty


Based in london fashion game developer Drest switched to beauty Friday fashion, releasing a virtual makeup range from Gucci Beauty in the app for a limited time thanks to an exclusive partnership with the brand.

Introducing the game’s new “Beauty Mode”, players will be able to experiment with 29 actives representing products such as Rouge de Beauté Brillant Lip Gloss, Nail Polish Nail Polish, Eye Beauty Palette Eyeshadow and more.

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The range of color options, combinations and even application intensity allows for over 40 looks that players can experience in the game. The application also allows them to purchase the real world products.

The update launches a new beauty-focused gameplay feature that challenges users to create a model avatar and features a new set of poses to place them. It’s similar to Drest’s. fashionphoto shoot challenge geared, except it features the avatar up close to focus on the face and upper body, instead of pulling back to show off the full body look.

Beauty is not entirely new to Drest. The company developed a set of looks for the game with famous makeup artist Mary Greenwell. But these were predefined looks for users to complement the basic styling features of the game. Gucci‘s effort allows players to try out different products, apply them as they see fit, and participate in close-range challenges. or add them to in-game mood boards.

The catch is, there is only a limited amount of time to work with them. Similar to fashion’s exclusive drops, Gucci’s themed challenge and digital makeup will be available for just 72 hours. After that, users will still have access, but only through looks that other players have created with Gucci Beauty.

This latest move takes Drest back to its launch partner, Gucci, which partnered with the startup for its debut in 2019. Since then, the app’s list of partnerships has grown to include names like Valentino. , Christian Louboutin, Oscar de la Renta and, since last month, Cartier, in a similar project for fine jewelry and watches.

For Drest founder Lucy Yeomans, beauty presented a challenge compared to outfitting digital models with fashion, accessories and footwear.

Representing the appearance of cosmetics on different skin tones and with different types of applications is a more complex matter than placing a shoe or blouse on a digital model. This is a challenge that beauty companies have also faced in virtual reality. But Yeomans believes that Drest’s avatar-driven approach offers some advantages over beauty AR.

“I think in augmented reality you can either have a full look or have a lip,” she told WWD, “but it’s very difficult for you to have the agency to come in and mix it up. collections, and mix products and experiment.

Right now, the launch of Gucci Beauty is a single-brand effort, but Yeomans is in talks to bring more beauty brands into the game.

It’s more than a call for creativity – it’s a business decision.

Functionally, Drest is a digital take on a dress up game, with the same playful spirit remembered from childhood, but aimed at a more adult sensibility and dotted with ecommerce. It’s powerful, because, according to Yeomans, the gameplay itself creates a feeling of closer connection with certain products or brands.

“It’s a bit of the opposite of how you might see traditional advertising – they want more advertising, they want more partnerships, not less, because they feel like it’s a time to really get closer. of the brand, ”Yeomans explained.

“It calls for this whole idea of ​​co-creation: they create something with the brand for the brand. So they feel very invested and interestingly they love to have those brand moments on the line which is really exciting because it turns all the advertising upside down.

The approach also appears to go against typical technology priorities that favor “frictionless” experiences that are seen as better, easier, faster, and simpler. Here, with the time, energy and creativity of the user, it is his investment that counts.

Of course, Drest wants to make the e-commerce part of the experience as seamless as possible, Yeomans added, including working to bring more product discoveries into the app. She also has big plans for the base game.

The company – who brought in a new chef Technology officer, Martin Robaszewski, in June – now working on bringing new poses, animations and more avatar development.

Currently, the avatar lineup includes 20 characters, including lifelike portraits of five models: Natalia Vodianova, Precious Lee, Irina Shayk, Imaan Hammam, and Candice Huffine. Now he wants to help players see themselves inside the game.

“There’s a huge amount of work going on on some sort of creative avatar / selfie. Due to the very realistic way we approached our avatars – they have different hair lines, different hair textures, different face shapes – it’s very difficult to do something too generic, especially when it’s about applying beauty actives, ”Yeomans explained. .

“So right now we are working on a really revolutionary project that will allow people to create someone who is much closer to themselves in the game.”

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