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Chanel draws inspiration from this iconic fabric for its 2022 eye collection

Nearly a century ago, Gabrielle Chanel shook up the women’s wardrobe with her first tweed creations. She likes the fabric for its soft texture and irregular patterns, which give it a natural look, as well as for the relaxed elegance it gives.

For Maison Chanel, tweed is a source of infinite possibilities. It offers exceptional creative freedom. It comes in a variety of shapes, colors and styles.

The Chanel makeup design studio was inspired by this iconic fabric for its 2022 eye collection. The essence of tweed is once again reinterpreted and now takes the form of the limited edition Les 4 Ombres eye shadows. Created in 1982, this eye quad has become a Chanel makeup essential.

For this new collection, four exclusive creations have been designed with a tweed pattern embossed on the surface of each lampshade. Four color harmonies capture the creative value of the fabric. Just as different fibers intertwine to form tweed, shades can be mixed, and their intensity varied, to achieve chic and daring makeup results. Eye shadows are as easy to apply as a tweed garment to wear.

Gabrielle Chanel appreciates the fabric for its supple texture and irregular patterns, which give it a natural look, as well as for the relaxed elegance it imparts.

For this special occasion, the compacts are paired with tweed clutches crafted by Maison Lesage, which has been part of Chanel’s Métiers d’art since 2002. Each of the four harmonies features a unique color palette and suits all skin tones. These versatile eyeshadows work synergistically to create a wide range of looks, from simple and natural to sophisticated.

Tweed Pourpre combines pinks and mauves to offer a satiny and iridescent make-up. It oscillates between softness and audacity.

Four natural tones of brown and beige represent this Brown and Pink Tweed creation.

Cuivré Tweed shines the eyes with golden reflections. Its elegant harmony evokes the richness and brilliance of the precious metals dear to Gabrielle Chanel. Tweed Fauve is made up of radiant shades that warm the eye. This powerful color combination between earth and fire fuses a fiery brick orange with the depth of an intense aubergine brown, illuminated by the subtle radiance of a satin coral and the reflections of an amber gold.



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